King Craig James is an online business that operates locally, nationally, and globally. Created in 2003. Established in 2016. Headquartered in the legendary home of "Les Paul" Waukesha, Wisconsin. King Craig James (music, media, and merchandise) serves as a brand, label, musical artist, and network of custom merchandise stores.


There are 3 major branches to the King Craig James tree.



King Craig James is committed to working for you, your family, team, club, special event, organization, business, and more.


King Craig James has support 24/7. Have questions? Ideas? Quote? Please contact our support team.


The King Craig James Label records a wide variety of music that can be found in all major stores, apps, and devices worldwide. Think you got what it takes to record with King Craig James? We are always looking for artists to expand our roster. We accept unsolicited material.


King Craig James Media reports all the latest stories. You can also find us on apple news. Just load up the "NEWS" app on any iOS device. Search: King Craig James or Gliszinski. 


Forget the traditional "brick and mortar" stores. Our online storefronts promote the brand, label, and musical artist, "King Craig James" in HD. You'll be pleased to find that anything we do for our brand, we can do for YOU. King Craig James Merchandise is a powerful combination of associations, affiliates, and top selling brands. The majority of our products can be completely customized, and designed as a gift, product, promotional items, etc. For you, your family, team, club, special event, organization, business, and more.


King Craig James is leading the way in 3D modeling, and printing. Whether you need a 3D model designed, printed, or both. We can get the job done. We can create the perfect 3D model for just about any application. We use a variety of materials, and filaments.