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A perfect fit

Hello everyone. Yes, I mean everyone.


I want to take a moment to talk about how proud I am to be a part of my newest team. I want to start with the hiring process. It’s been a long time since I have been around people who are friendly, professional, and family oriented. I spent the past week or so, getting to know the ins and outs of what I will be doing at my new job. While it seems a little tedious, and not a perfect match for my set of skills. I am still honored, excited, and thrilled to be a part of an organization that is so well put together. Especially, one that promises to do it’s best to align our skills to our particular job. Can you feel the smile on my face?

A few articles ago, I wrote about dignity. I think it’s important to NEVER let a person, business, or career take away that dignity. During my orientation, I was delighted to be informed that the company I work for now has demonstrated (in so many ways) how they focus on keeping the dignity of their employees in tact. While watching the (yes corny) videos, I couldn’t help but be overwhelmed by feeling that I landed myself in the right place, at the right time. The amount of training I received was overwhelming, and would be a great addition to my resume. The thing is.. I have set the resume aside, and I am no longer applying at other companies. Here’s why.


My orientation was lead by a true leader. I couldn’t help but feel like she had previous experience as a teacher. Yes, she was that good. She had this feeling of pride for this company, that I truly haven’t found elsewhere. I found the things she had to say inspiring. She had good things to say about the leaders, executives, and staff. Things, I was beginning to think just don’t exist anymore. The things she said came from the heart. It wasn’t a pre fabricated speech that I have grown used to at other orientations. I guess being a part of a family owned company is truly a good thing. The one thing I noticed almost immediately, is how much respect everyone has for each other, and how friendly everyone is. I was even acknowledged on the company app. Wow. Yeah, I also got to shake a lot of hands, and meet a lot of new people. People, I truly look forward to getting to know, and working with.

This is going to take some getting used to. This whole (not being a number) thing. All I can say is that I am certain that my attitude about life has already been impacted by surrounding myself by these positive, successful people. I am trying to figure out a way to acknowledge each and everyone back on the company app. I figured, I would start with my blog. After all. The King Craig James brand of music, media, and merchandise… Is the focal point of my heart.

So.. For anyone out there who’s struggling.. Thinking you're stuck at some company that treats you like garbage. Just know, that in a few weeks.. Your whole life can change if you put in the effort. Keep your eyes open, and do your research. Listen to your peers, and their stories. Then hopefully, you will end up where you belong. Just like I did. A perfect fit.

Raising the bar?

Before I ever took a position at an Amazon fulfillment center, I made sure to do my research. That’s right. I read the reviews, I watched the videos, and knew exactly what I was getting into. I figured most of them were just exaggerated versions of the truth and still went into my position optimistically anyways. I tried my best to take everything with a grain of salt. I have learned after a year of working there that all the negative reviews are partially true, if not completely true. I really hope that changes. When it does, I would consider going back.

Even after discovering such horrible things. I decided to take the job anyways, because I was going to the gym a lot, and wanted to lose some weight to shoot the “Be my Queen” video. I also wanted to see if I could live up to the challenge of surviving more than 90 days. Needless to say, I met my goals. I am now in the works of shooting that video, and I survived 4 times longer than what I expected to. Somewhere down the line, I actually became a fan of Amazon’s products, and I am a pretty happy customer. I actually enjoy getting those packages delivered to my doorstep. I just think it’s a shame on what people have to go through to make it all happen.


Anyways, I was well aware that I would be under paid, over worked, and I would probably not be very pleased working there. Well.. I was right. Yeah, even after they decided to “raise the bar” on wages. I felt like it was an insult to us as employees. Especially considering they raised the rates, and took away key benefits to “make up” for this change. This place is no picnic. Many of the people working there are new, and nobody has any idea what’s truly going on. For a while, I even lied to myself and told myself I was happy. The truth is, I am very disappointed. I wanted to enjoy my position(s) there. I just couldn’t. They made that pretty impossible.


Listen.. I am not trying to bash the place, or make people not do business with them. That’s not my goal. I was proud to be a part of something big. However, I think it’s fair to raise awareness that companies out there should NOT be allowed to treat employees like shit. They take over achievers, and make them feel like they are worthless. Then call it “culture.” If that’s where the American culture of the employee is headed, then we really need to change directions. I guess they don’t think we remember how proud our grandparents were to work for companies that treated them well. I guess I have hope that someday before I retire, I will be able to say that very same thing. I want to be able to work for a company (even if it’s my own) that ensures it’s employees are happy, and taken care of. At 33 years old. I haven’t seen it yet. I have been hustling for a long time, and I feel like I am never getting ahead.


The question you have to ask yourself is. Who could be happy working there? Well, perhaps someone who just graduated high school. I think this would be a great entry-level job for someone young, and energetic. However, I didn’t see room for advancement, and they won’t either. So is it really that great? My answer is NO. I would say that this is a great job for athletes. However, it’s also a great way for them to get injured. My point is, unless they make some serious changes, these positions should just be handed over to robots.

On a positive note. One good thing did happen from working there. I lost a healthy amount of weight. I re-gained my soul. I bounced back from a lot of negative shit in my life. I feel like I just graduated boot camp. I also have a lot of fun shit to say on my podcast because of my experience. As far as employment goes. I will be taking my business elsewhere. Oops gotta go.. A package just arrived. Yeah, it’s from Amazon. By the way, I am still a happy customer. So no feelings hurt.

Road to nowhere

After a year of working for Amazon. I am highly skilled in 3 major departments. AFE, PICK, and STOW. That’s basically the entire “warehouse” process. Stowing inbound orders, picking them for customers, and packing and sending them to trucks. I have experience that even (multiple peak) veterans would envy. I have learned a lot. I am thankful for my experience. However, I am still doing the same bullshit that a day one would be doing. Let’s face it. I am going nowhere fast.


I still remember how excited I was on orientation day. They made it seem like opportunity was quick, abundant, and available. What? Water spidering? Ambassador? Amnesty? No thanks. I have applied for the positions that interested me. However, they I’ve been sitting “under review” for months, and I don’t think anyone out there’s reviewing shit.. So my question is this. I guess that home path leads directly back home. I am not interested in Tier 1, and I am barely interested in Tier 3. I am starting to sense a dead end route here. Anyone out there feeling like me? Speak up. After all, I love all the comments, quotes, and feedback.. It makes my day.

A year probably doesn’t seem like long for some of you. However, to me.. I feel like it’s an eternity. Especially knowing what I can accomplish almost overnight.. Like the infamous “crown cast” This wear and tear on my body is literally consuming my soul. The same soul I put into my music, my family, my dog, my friends, and my business. I am sure many of you are just fine being a tier one. Perhaps it’s just a “stepping stone” to you. I would think a company as big, and growing as fast as Amazon is… There would be more than just a stepping stone available. Oh? Am I supposed to “career choice” it? Because, the last time I checked.. Amazon almost promotes you to leave the company with that. I never went to school, but I am starting to feel a little over qualified for anything out there. I feel like I am not the only one. Especially knowing how intelligent some of my coworkers are.


Maybe I should join an away team right? So the only way to move up is to move away? I don’t know something seems wrong with the culture. I am getting bored with it. I need a sign from someone that things are going to take me somewhere or this fucking ship is going to sail. End of story. After all, I am the captain of my own ship. My own ship is sailing pretty fucking smoothly. So just a note to self.. A public one.. Before you let somebody drain your life, heart, and soul.. Just make sure that the cause is actually worth it. Right now, I don’t feel like it’s worth a damn thing. I am on a road to nowhere.

Fried Day

Want to know what a typical Friday is like for me? Well.. I spent the whole week getting the living shit beat out of me at work.. I can barely move. My hands are so sore that I can barely type this very article. I am about to take roughly 1000 mg of acetaminophen just so I can walk. It’s no wonder that I am very excited that it’s Friday. Are you feeling like me? Shame on you. Don’t feel bad thought. I chose this all on my own. haha.

Well.. There’s one more thing to be excited about. The weekend. What does that mean for you? The radio show. Yeah, more episodes are on the way. I know many of you out there don’t exactly understand the “culture” of Amazon. So, I like to take precious moments of my time to really fill you in on what we go through. My last article should definitely give you a taste on the kind of venting we do on a typical workday. I hope you enjoyed it. Am I over it? Of course. Life goes on, and there’s much more nonsense headed my way. I am sure of it.

There are not a whole lot of things in life worth being mad about. Sometimes you just gotta take that moment to say “Go float yourself” and vent. We are entering our peak season so I am sure there is much more of that to come. Sometimes we all wonder why we are Amazonians. I guess that we all truly feel like we are making history. We have a greater sense of accomplishment being there. Honestly, I have no idea why we keep showing up. We just do. That’s what makes us.. US. Do I still NOT care? Of course. I am KCJ. If you were me, you wouldn’t either.

So many of you out there have been asking me about my clothing. Why am I always decked out in King Craig James merchandise? Why are other people wearing my stuff? What’s with the crown? I know it’s hard for people (who don’t know me) to believe this, but I am the owner of this fine brand. I have a lot of stuff with my name on it. From time to time, I show up to work in it. Which means I get to hear your opinions, comments, and snide remarks. That’s what I call.. Impact. Am I asking YOU about what you’re wearing? Well.. Probably not. So.. Thanks for your interest. I don’t mean to be a dick when you ask about it, but you got a phone. Go do your research before you ask me, or my people a million questions.


Anyways.. Since you’re going to keep asking anyways.. Before I head to work, I conduct, and run a business. I don’t always have time to change my outfit.. So yeah, get over it.

So you’re answer is YES. I am the one recording the music in stores. I am Mr. King Craig James. Now before you make your case for Elvis, Michael Jackson, or any other Kings out there. Just do a google search on me. You will be pleased to find that I live up to my name.

So please, no more questions. Use that little device you constantly stare at. It’s full of answers.