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Why in the world do we have an UNemployment system when it’s rigged against the unemployed? What is the sense in that? Has this ever happened to you? Probably.. So..Why cant we just OPT- OUT of it? Yeah.. ALL OF IT.



A few weeks ago.. Jacqueline and I received a call from our employer (Adecco) that was very clearly stated. “We are laying you guys off, you might want to consider filing for unemployment”. So.. We did. Now, it’s been two weeks and neither of us have yet to see a dime from unemployment. Why? Well.. That’s where the fun begins. Yes, we filled out the proper applications and gave them the information they required. We even gave them direct deposit info.. Yet, NOTHING.


While it seemed like we were both initially qualified and approved.. We are starting to notice some of the shadiness appear in the background of our claims. Let’s start with mine. “Your weekly claim is being held pending resolution of outstanding issues” What are these issues? Well.. Nobody truly knows. So I will take a guess. Under the place of “Determinations” they are apparently reviewing my “ability to work, and my availability to work” which just blows me away. In the next line they’re reviewing “Quit or leave of absence” for another employer” and “a separation issue” with another employer.. Are these people high? Probably.


The good news is this. Jacqueline and I are actively looking for work. While we are entitled to unemployment benefits.. We are seeing plenty of signs that we will likely never see them. We refuse to be subjected to this unemployment scam. We are very hardworking people, and can’t imagine how many other hardworking people are affected by this nonsense. Will we ultimately win our unemployment benefits? Yes. Sadly, we will probably have another career by then. However, it will be too late. The question is this. Can I opt out?


Yeah, I said it. I would like to opt out of workmans comp, social security, unemployment, and everything else deducted from my wages. When the time comes that we need these resources.. They are NEVER available. So why do we keep allowing them to “TAX” us for this garbage? I don’t know.. Just a thought. Tune in to the “Crown Cast” we will mention more on this topic, and many others in the near future.

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