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Just Kitting..

Don’t you just hate when people get in your way, encourage you to slow down, treat you like you’re dumb, openly disrespect you, their leads, and make a JOKE out of a company you HIGHLY respect? How about LEADERSHIP who train you ONE way, but TRAINERS who train you ANOTHER way. Welcome to business as usual. Obviously, this is nothing new to me.

I cant count how many times I have been subjected to this kind of annoyance, and disappointment. Especially after meeting some of the amazing leaders, retirees, and contributors that truly inspire Jacqueline and I to work for companies OTHER than King Craig James. Let’s face it.. Exploring opportunity, learning, and meeting new people ARE good for business. This.. is how we GROW. What better way than learning the GOOD and BAD from other companies. Well.. The story begins with recruiters..

I think most recruiters are smart. I think they have a business model that thrives on their ability and reputation for finding good, qualified candidates. Competition is good. In fact, it’s great. However, I think sometimes they let “bad apples” in the door. The kind of “bad apples” that really send the wrong message to (new) people who actually WANT to work for the company. People like myself, and Jacqueline. So here’s the deal. We used to take great pride in working for other companies. The work was tough, the rate was high, and we survived a year. We are no strangers to the under paid, over worked, nonsense affecting our generation.. In fact, we are well aware that making anything less then 20 dollars per hour.. (Thanks to inflation) is like working for minimum wage during our parents generation. Do the math. It’s sad really.

When is it wise to “budget” certain employees? I am referencing vital employees, not just temps .. For example: If you have a “trainer” who’s doing things to make multiple people quit their first day, first month, or even first year.. This could be a major problem down the road. Why? Well first.. You’re tarnishing a very well respected brand.. Second.. You’re causing a new generation to have ill experiences with a brand.. Third.. You’re offering “bad apples” job security. How? By not communicating effectively, holding people accountable, or addressing the issues. Companies use these “temp” services and treat everyone as if they are expendable. Are they? I think they’re costly.


Let’s look at team KCJ. We learn quickly, work hard, and show up to do our best. We are consistent. On the side.. We write blogs, host a podcast, and of course.. I record music that is found in stores all over the world. This should speak VOLUMES to employers. We have an audience that is very impressive. We are dedicated, focused, and successful.. With or WITHOUT the companies we choose to work for. They should (in theory) really want employees like us. Usually, they almost always end up hiring us. In fact, we make it a point to google “best companies to work for” and we test them out ourselves.. I can’t count how many times we immediately come across one of these “bad apples” at a truly good company.. Bad apples that ruins ours (and man others) entire experience.. Are you experiencing a lot of shift transfers? Might be a sign.

So my question to you is this.. Are you the kind of leader who can see your star athletes, understand their strengths, and weakness, and make good decisions? Are you leading YOUR team to victory? or Are you the kind of trainer, or leader that want’s to control, shame, and lead your team to walk? I know where I stand. I know where Jacqueline stands. Our team is forever. So are you letting “bad apples” affect your team? Think about it.. We like to work smarter.. not harder.. So should you… Not Kitting. The good news is this.. I have met some incredible people lately. Chances are.. You’re one of them..