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A certificate of excellence for me

A certificate of excellence for me

In case you haven’t noticed. I have updated to King Craig James 3.0. Never mind the website and it’s flawless characteristics. I have just served myself a fun little reminder that I have literally spent a pretty easy 24 hours accomplishing more then I have done in a whole year working at an Amazon Fulfillment Center. Was it for my customers? Well not exactly. I did it for me. My question to you is this. Is something stopping YOU from being your best? Probably.

So what did I accomplish? Well, I started with two resumes, and two certificates. (Just for fun) Then I printed (yes printed) a box to hold all of my loose cologne. I updated the entire website. Then I created a paper version of the “NEWS”. Oh, and I applied at all my favorite companies. I did all this with ease, and plenty of rest and relaxation + a trip to Star bucks. So I just had to write about it.

3D Printed cologne storage box

3D Printed cologne storage box

I can’t emphasize enough how much time we waste as human beings. I guess it bothers me deep down in whatever soul I have left. We waste all our time playing video games, sitting on facebook, dating websites, texting, and reading. What do we really accomplish in all that for ourselves? Well, the answer is. Not a whole lot. Generation X is at a standstill. Before we know it, we will be 40 years old with nothing to truly celebrate. A trend that our parents, and grandparents have never really faced.

A paper version of a typical “Blog”

A paper version of a typical “Blog”

I want everyone out there reading this to know your self worth. Understand that you can truly do anything you put your mind to. I should know. I have created an empire that’s constantly growing. Yeah, even when it falls. I somehow manage to pick up the pieces and keep building. That’s how winning is done. We don’t have much time left to chase after our goals, dreams, and desired lifestyle. So I am going to “Dive Deep” and continue on where I left off. I have nothing more to say about the mistakes I let myself make. I can only move forward from here.

I have taken some time to watch the people who inspire me on Twitter. People like Trump, Elon Musk, Bill Gates, and even Jeff Bezos. I think that people forget that at one time, they were people just like you and I. They just wanted to do something bigger, bolder, and better than the rest of us. I admire them because they succeeded. They failed, and failed, and failed, until they succeeded. I guess you could say that I have been on the same path. While it’s not an easy one. I am looking forward to the challenges that face me ahead. In fact, I welcome them with open arms. I am King Craig James. Bring it.

Time off task

I have been taking some time off work lately.. I need a break physically, and mentally. Sometimes I find it really difficult to put money in the pocket of someone else, when I could be following my own steps and putting money into my own pocket. This is what it’s like to work a regular job, and follow your dreams at the same time.

Time is never really available. Debts are inevitable. Support is hard to find. Space is hard to get. Money is hard to make. These are just some of the life lessons I endure in my travels. I like to joke and tell people that I work a 90 hour work week, and get paid for about half of it. A lot of the times, it’s true. I am pretty much always tired. Writing certainly helps soothe the soul. I must humbly admit, many of you who hate my music, love my writing. That’s what this “news” blog is all about. Are you following? Good. Are you paying attention? Perhaps not. That’s a statue of me. Idiot.


I was having a conversation with a really really close friend. I was telling her that I haven’t felt like myself lately. It started to worry her. I mean.. I don’t feel like “King Craig James” anymore. (I clarified).. She immediately knew what I was talking about. I had let my website go offline, my music stop, and my fancy little phone system get taken off the hook. I stopped caring about everything I have worked on for the past 15 years. I guess I just over looked how many people truly appreciate the stuff I do. Including.. Myself.

I was listening to the Eminem CD “Kamikaze” and he said my name in it. “Craig G” not just once.. but twice.. I had to rewind that because I couldn’t believe my ears. As much of a conspiracy my life is. I have come to the conclusion (hopefully) that he was referencing an irrelevant rapper from the 80’s. However, the way he spoke about his competition.. I felt like he was calling me irrelevant as well. Sometimes stupid shit like that really gets to me, and really makes me kick my own ass. Even though, I don’t consider myself much of a rapper. I must admit, I am certainly inspired by “Slim Shady” and his movement. Either way, it was just the spark I needed to stand up and get things running. Well what do you know.. Here we are.

I am well aware that I come off as a bit narcissistic at times, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. I am in business to do great things for great people. Whether it’s a song that makes them laugh, or an article that makes them cry.. A video that inspires them, or maybe even a photo that brings back memories. One fact is, I may not be a KING in the sense of a ruler, but I am the ruler of my destiny. Funny how a man such as I can set that aside, and forget it sometimes. Though when I do, a huge part of me is missing. People around me certainly notice.

I want to make a promise to myself not to slip up anymore. I am tired of being torn down. I am tired of highs and lows. I want some balance. I can’t let the rollercoaster of life make me feel the need to quit. Sometimes, we really have to fight to achieve success. So, I am done making excuses. No more blaming mom, dad, the weather, or economy.. or even my friends and fans.. I need to remember who the fuck I am. I need to keep in mind what I can achieve. For I am a man who has overcome all odds. I am still here. I am still strong. I am still standing. Stand by me.