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Great Company

I say this a lot, but I really mean it. Most of the time.. Who you surround yourself by makes all the difference in how well your day goes. Today, (well yesterday) was a good day. Sure, I had to read a fake “assigned” rate on my screen, stow heavy repetitive objects, and deal with the usual “deflected” answered crap.. Nonetheless, it was still a good day..

So let’s talk about today.. Shall we? I was fortunate enough to meet not one, not two, but three amazing new co-workers. Well.. New to me at least. If they were observant enough to read my hat, shirt, or watch… Then perhaps they might be reading this.. and they’ll know who they are. I won’t go embarrassing them, or mention their names without their permission. I just want to take a moment to embrace how happy it makes me to find out that life still exists on mars… I mean … Amazon. Soo Yeah.. I am really happy that I transferred departments.


I just want to thank each and every one of them for taking that moment to introduce yourself to me, and let me introduce myself to you as well. Nothing is greater than meeting someone new. So why am I thanking them? Well.. I wake up with extremely sore muscles every single day. Today, I had a really ridiculous work load. My day was hell bound, my soul was dissipating, and the only thing that kept me there was good company. I guess what I am trying to say is this.. I feel honored that three friendly, attractive, intelligent, and successful women went above and beyond to take that split second to say Hi to me. It’s the first time in months that I feel at home. It’s nice to stay a full day again. During our conversations. I actually stopped wishing for that VTO.. In each of those moments, I realized something… I am proud to say that I have some really amazing coworkers. Without them, I would have let my UPT run out a long, long time ago.


I guess I tend to forget that people like them are still around me. I meet a lot more people in my off time then I do at work. Which is kind of shameful. Especially considering that I spend so much of my time in a massive warehouse that’s 4 times the size of Lambeau field. If I had the power to do so, I would appoint each of them to be a “leader” instantly. One out of the 3 just made it there. So congratulations to her. The other two would be replacing a few that are already there. It takes a real leader to walk up to a man like me.. Even just to say hello. I call that.. Leadership material.

Now.. I am not sure what’s with the sudden 180 degree turn that brought out the worst in some of you.. Perhaps it’s because of my podcast.. (Yeah, I have noticed) Listen.. Don’t take it so personally. I have no problem calling people out. Sometimes, that’s what it takes to resolve scams, flaws, and issues in the system. As far as I am concerned, we all have more work that needs to be done. I am tired of people being careless, and lazy. I have seen 3 different versions of the different departments shit in the past year, and I have no problem using a moment of my time to provide real feedback. Unlike those repetitive inconclusive connections questions.. I have an idea.. How about some corporate credentials for amazon chime? Anyone? Yeah, a direct link to me would fix a lot of stuff pretty quickly. Then again.. You already have one..

Anyways… I’ve got some real work to do.. See you Tuesday.