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Sandboxin' US

We had a very enjoyable 60 day vacation from the inter web net. Now, it’s back to the sandbox.


The King Craig James empire is back online. I was so tired, and frustrated with the matrix  that Jacqueline and I needed a nice long break from it. That’s why we have spent the past 60 days offline. Let me just say that.. We are well, we are strong, and we are united. So why did we come back? Well.. It’s simple. We took a deep breath, and we are ready to continue our journey. 

You can find KCJ in music stores, podcast apps, merchandise stores, blogs, twitter, and scattered around every search engine, and many different apps, and skills on the web. The question is this.. Why wouldn’t I come back? Sometimes, I think its best to unplug, and observe. Jacqueline and I are actually starting to appreciate what this construct is throwing at us. So we are just swinging for the fences, and knocking everything out of the park. 


Field, by field, we are learning how to win every game, against every competitor.. This is paving the way for some great content. As you can tell, we are having fun with it. That is.. Until things get beyond ridiculous. That’s when it’s time to enjoy the simple things in life. So that’s exactly what we have been doing.. 

I think the irony of the King Craig James empire is how we have become sandboxed, and shadow blocked on every platform in the world… What does that mean? Well.. Simple.. “No followers on youtube”, “No followers on twitter”, “Missing linkedin connections”, and a whole lot of scam calls, emails, and texts. We are aware of the force preventing us from reaching YOU.  However, here’s the thing.. You are overwhelmingly reaching us.. We love it. 


In our EVERYDAYS lives.. We discover over and over again… That we are highly appreciated, inspirational, valuable, targeted, and even stalked. I am used to it, but Jacqueline needed some time to breathe, as the consequences of fame have impacted our health. We are honored that so many people love us, hate us, follow us, and even feel the desire to scam us.. We could never get this much entertainment from ANY movie, song, website, or TV. 

The fact is.. We are a big deal. So big, they will do ANYTHING to stop us.. Even completely fuck up our lives. That’s what we are still getting used to.. So bear with us.