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The golden years

I never thought I would say this.. but I can’t wait to see my doctor. For the past year or so.. My body has been aching, and my knees feel (and sound) like they’re going to break. I have a very physical lifestyle. I would expect a little soreness, but this is major.


Life has really been throwing a lot of stuff at me lately, and I am just dodging those bullets like I am in the matrix. I am trying to rise above, and let my greatness shine. I think those around me rarely notice because I tend to keep them smiling. If not, I certainly try to. I am really starting to lose that spark though. I feel like I have to lie in bed for 3 days just to be able to move around for one. It’s very discouraging.

Once upon a time. Mr. KCJ played a lot of sports. From baseball, to football, and just about everything else. Now, I am certainly feeling the affects of it. When I wake up every morning, my entire body is completely sore. I am not sure what’s going on but I am certainly stretching, and hydrating enough. My diet, well.. Let’s just say I eat well.


Sometimes it feels like nobody understands the kind of pain I am going through. I am really starting to worry about how much ibuprofen, and Tylenol it takes me to get through the day. With the way my legs look, anything could be happening. In fact, my Doc was pretty puzzled when I showed him. I feel like I have tried everything to cure the pain. I am only able to mask it for a short while.

I am fortunate enough to get a massage just about every night. I am also fortunate enough to have people out there that really care about me. I am doing my best to walk through life just pretending I am ok, but in reality.. I really just want to feel good again. I wish I was joking when I say that I feel like I am 95 years old when I wake up in the morning..

I know one thing is for sure. I probably don’t get enough sleep. However, even when I do. I don’t think it makes much of a difference. I just hope that my Doctor has some kind of solution because I am really losing faith in the medical field. Not that I had much to begin with. Anyways, I hope things go well. I think I am going to go get some rest.