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Anyone Awake?

I mean.. like… truly awake? I know the answer. How to tell when you are Awake? Well.. My story begins back in Y2K… 2008… 2012… 2016… and my EYES are wide open going into 2020. Am I scared? No. I feel it in my bones. So…. What does this all mean?


1. When our identification with a form ceases, a new space is generated between us and the form, and we are able to recognize that we are not identical to that form. Yep

2. We virtually step out of the psychological time frame, we stop mulling over injuries of the past, and do not build our identity for the future. Yep

3. Ego disappears, telling personal history stops, and the line of our accustomed identity is broken. Yep


4. We are awake, only the present moment exists for us. Our soul is permeated by the quiet of the Miracle that is the consciousness and the joy of the existence. Yep

5. We are free and independent of the forms and shapes, and of the necessity of choosing from them. All our suffering and problems have vanished, we are surrounded by peace and tranquility. Yep

6. There is only the pure existence, we are eyewitnesses, contemplating the dance of forms and shapes around us. We do not identify with anything, we are a consciousness free of the obligation to make choices. Yep

7. We accept life as it is, and it is not done under pressure, since that acceptance is the result of our complete freedom. Yep

I am putting this article out there to hopefully connect with people who understand these words. I had a long period of falling asleep, and dozing off in-between all those years.. I think I am just going to roll with it this time and see where my spirit takes me.. As of right now. I am right where I want to be, with the people I want to be with. End of story. Welcome to the NEW age.