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Raising the bar?

Before I ever took a position at an Amazon fulfillment center, I made sure to do my research. That’s right. I read the reviews, I watched the videos, and knew exactly what I was getting into. I figured most of them were just exaggerated versions of the truth and still went into my position optimistically anyways. I tried my best to take everything with a grain of salt. I have learned after a year of working there that all the negative reviews are partially true, if not completely true. I really hope that changes. When it does, I would consider going back.

Even after discovering such horrible things. I decided to take the job anyways, because I was going to the gym a lot, and wanted to lose some weight to shoot the “Be my Queen” video. I also wanted to see if I could live up to the challenge of surviving more than 90 days. Needless to say, I met my goals. I am now in the works of shooting that video, and I survived 4 times longer than what I expected to. Somewhere down the line, I actually became a fan of Amazon’s products, and I am a pretty happy customer. I actually enjoy getting those packages delivered to my doorstep. I just think it’s a shame on what people have to go through to make it all happen.


Anyways, I was well aware that I would be under paid, over worked, and I would probably not be very pleased working there. Well.. I was right. Yeah, even after they decided to “raise the bar” on wages. I felt like it was an insult to us as employees. Especially considering they raised the rates, and took away key benefits to “make up” for this change. This place is no picnic. Many of the people working there are new, and nobody has any idea what’s truly going on. For a while, I even lied to myself and told myself I was happy. The truth is, I am very disappointed. I wanted to enjoy my position(s) there. I just couldn’t. They made that pretty impossible.


Listen.. I am not trying to bash the place, or make people not do business with them. That’s not my goal. I was proud to be a part of something big. However, I think it’s fair to raise awareness that companies out there should NOT be allowed to treat employees like shit. They take over achievers, and make them feel like they are worthless. Then call it “culture.” If that’s where the American culture of the employee is headed, then we really need to change directions. I guess they don’t think we remember how proud our grandparents were to work for companies that treated them well. I guess I have hope that someday before I retire, I will be able to say that very same thing. I want to be able to work for a company (even if it’s my own) that ensures it’s employees are happy, and taken care of. At 33 years old. I haven’t seen it yet. I have been hustling for a long time, and I feel like I am never getting ahead.


The question you have to ask yourself is. Who could be happy working there? Well, perhaps someone who just graduated high school. I think this would be a great entry-level job for someone young, and energetic. However, I didn’t see room for advancement, and they won’t either. So is it really that great? My answer is NO. I would say that this is a great job for athletes. However, it’s also a great way for them to get injured. My point is, unless they make some serious changes, these positions should just be handed over to robots.

On a positive note. One good thing did happen from working there. I lost a healthy amount of weight. I re-gained my soul. I bounced back from a lot of negative shit in my life. I feel like I just graduated boot camp. I also have a lot of fun shit to say on my podcast because of my experience. As far as employment goes. I will be taking my business elsewhere. Oops gotta go.. A package just arrived. Yeah, it’s from Amazon. By the way, I am still a happy customer. So no feelings hurt.