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Caugh Caugh

KCJ and Jacqueline are catching a cold. Especially with this great weather we have been having. Yeah, I am being sarcastic about the weather. I know it’s hard to use sarcasm in a blog so I just wanted to make that clear for people around the world who may not be anywhere near Wisconsin. I am sure a lot of the unnecessary stress in our life isn’t helping.


Jacqueline and I went out to watch Sarah do some karaoke. Of course, Sarah pretty much nailed every song she sang. Let’s face it. Thats what team KCJ does. What shocked me is how fun it was going to this place vs some of the other places I have went to watch Sarah sing at.

While it wasn’t my first time there, you can probably bet on the fact that it won’t be my last time either. I almost got up there to do a little singing myself, but I am not one to do karaoke. I like to keep my music all original.

I woke up with a sore throat, and Jacqueline has the sniffles. I am starting to think that we are getting a cold. That doesn’t happen often, but when it does… It really sets us back. So you can be sure that we are trying to stay hydrated, stay rested, and as relaxed as possible. Our team is strong, but this headache, and sore throat need to go away. ASAP… I hope you are enjoying the recent blogs, and Have a great weekend.