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Personally Branded

In my last article I talked about how Amazon has changed my life. In this article. I want to talk about how my business fills in the gaps of everything materialistically missing. Perhaps.. How it could change your life as well. Are you personally branded?

Music, Media, and Custom merchandise have always been.. and will always be the driving force behind King Craig James. In fact, everything I DONT order from Amazon.. I record, design, create, or 3d print. Which brings me back to why I have decided to bring this very website back online.

Many of my associates, friends, and fans often see me sporting one of two brands.. My amazon stuff, or my King Craig James stuff.. The Amazon stuff resembles trophies I have earned from work.. However, everything KCJ was created right in my own store. I consider them trophies I earned from my sales. Yeah, I take a portion of my sales and order my own products to celebrate. Lately.. I will admit my sales have been slow.. but expect some new stuff on me, and my friends in no time.

I think the biggest misconceptions people have with my brand are one of two things.. If they don’t know me.. They probably think that I have lost my mind. If they heard of my music.. Perhaps my “musical” ego has gone to my head. However, you’re both wrong. Although, it’s understandable considering “King Craig James” is embroidered on most of my stuff.

The truth is.. People never stop to think about who it is, why its there, or how to find it.. People rarely realize that I designed it myself… They don’t understand that I truly believe in my brand, like my stuff, and promote it whenever, and wherever I can. Music.. That’s only a small portion of what I do now days. So yeah, I wear my brand with pride. You would too.. If it was yours. So if you come across a hater.. Have them “google me” and let them know what its all about. Stay tuned and ill update you about my future music in the next article.