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I believe human beings have a deep hunger for being treated as if they are valuable. What I don’t understand is this: Why do some people, and employers have this fine tuned way of taking that dignity away from us. Are you one of them? Are you letting them? Are you fighting for yours?


By the way. Value isn’t always about numbers. Value can mean putting the right people, in the right place. Value could simply be keeping them all happy to achieve numbers. Not forcing the numbers and the souls out of people just to meet goals. I find that people generally work better, and harder, when they like what they are doing. Value doesn’t mean the customers get the cheapest price. Value means they get the best product for a fair price.

How does one fine tune the dignity out of you? Well.. Just listen to my podcast season 2 episode 6. The way I treat Jacqueline was a simulation on what it takes to truly batter the dignity out of someone. The sad thing is.. I could deliver many seasons, and many episodes (just like that one) that give endless examples on the techniques that the average person is exposed to. My advice is to know, and understand your limits to this kind of exposure.


How does one make its employees feel valuable? My advice is when it comes to numbers… Stick to numbers.. When it comes to people, stop treating them like numbers. Have an understanding that many factors come into play when it comes down to numbers.. These factors are always the people. The problem is.. People get treated like numbers instead of humans.

How does one make it’s employees feel valuable? My advice is to avoid negativity completely. Adding little rules, and policies that make life harder, or more inconvienant for everyone doesn’t help anything. In fact, it sets the tone to do worse from the very beginning. Mentioning negative anything will almost always produce negative results. Approach people as people, and give them truly attainable goals. Inspire them, and they’ll inspire you.


How does one make its employees feel valuable? When someone is hot… Let them stay hot. Don’t pull them out of their zone.. Just for the numbers game.. If someone is cold… Inspire them to be hot.. What does this mean? Well.. This shouldn’t have to be explained but I will do my best. If XYZ is tired… and under performing.. Keep the pressure off of them, and place them accordingly… If ABC believes in doing +100… Set them up for success.. Why is this so hard to achieve? I feel like it takes a bit of communication, observation, and leadership.. Since I know you’re lacking leadership.. Keep an eye out on your next leaders.. There’s got to be dignity left in someone. Choose them. Especially if yours are underperforming.