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Road to nowhere

After a year of working for Amazon. I am highly skilled in 3 major departments. AFE, PICK, and STOW. That’s basically the entire “warehouse” process. Stowing inbound orders, picking them for customers, and packing and sending them to trucks. I have experience that even (multiple peak) veterans would envy. I have learned a lot. I am thankful for my experience. However, I am still doing the same bullshit that a day one would be doing. Let’s face it. I am going nowhere fast.


I still remember how excited I was on orientation day. They made it seem like opportunity was quick, abundant, and available. What? Water spidering? Ambassador? Amnesty? No thanks. I have applied for the positions that interested me. However, they I’ve been sitting “under review” for months, and I don’t think anyone out there’s reviewing shit.. So my question is this. I guess that home path leads directly back home. I am not interested in Tier 1, and I am barely interested in Tier 3. I am starting to sense a dead end route here. Anyone out there feeling like me? Speak up. After all, I love all the comments, quotes, and feedback.. It makes my day.

A year probably doesn’t seem like long for some of you. However, to me.. I feel like it’s an eternity. Especially knowing what I can accomplish almost overnight.. Like the infamous “crown cast” This wear and tear on my body is literally consuming my soul. The same soul I put into my music, my family, my dog, my friends, and my business. I am sure many of you are just fine being a tier one. Perhaps it’s just a “stepping stone” to you. I would think a company as big, and growing as fast as Amazon is… There would be more than just a stepping stone available. Oh? Am I supposed to “career choice” it? Because, the last time I checked.. Amazon almost promotes you to leave the company with that. I never went to school, but I am starting to feel a little over qualified for anything out there. I feel like I am not the only one. Especially knowing how intelligent some of my coworkers are.


Maybe I should join an away team right? So the only way to move up is to move away? I don’t know something seems wrong with the culture. I am getting bored with it. I need a sign from someone that things are going to take me somewhere or this fucking ship is going to sail. End of story. After all, I am the captain of my own ship. My own ship is sailing pretty fucking smoothly. So just a note to self.. A public one.. Before you let somebody drain your life, heart, and soul.. Just make sure that the cause is actually worth it. Right now, I don’t feel like it’s worth a damn thing. I am on a road to nowhere.