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Mandela Effect

What is wrong with the world?

I think many, if not MOST of us can agree that something doesn’t seem right about the world we live in. Have you noticed? Are you paying attention? What if I told you that I have seen proof of a huge artificial sun that was created in Germany. I have seen evidence of humanity shifting into an alternate reality, or possibly even living in a worldwide “matrix” simulation of reality. How often do we take the time to look up, and pay attention? Sadly.. Most of us have forgotten what it’s like to be observant, and have real human interaction. So if a traffic light suddenly flipped upside down.. The question is.. Would you even notice it? The truth is.. Probably not. Most people can’t spot something that’s right in front of them.

What do YOU remember?


I want to have an in depth look into the possibilities of what could be going on right in front of our own eyes. Are you ready for what I discovered? You might be a little surprised at what I was able to dig up. At first glance, many are claiming simple things… Such as; “They remember when “Fruit Loops” was spelled with the word fruit. Now, spelled “Froot”. Of course, many many other things are coming to light, that aren’t so simple. For example; People are claiming that bible verses they have known all of their life, have been changed. People have theories, but nobody knows when or how it’s happened. They are calling this a “supernatural” phenomenon. I call it the Mandela Effect. Right now, I am knee deep in research. In fact, so deep.. I have put my entire empire on hold.. Sorry.


Have you seen this?

Here’s a secret about me. One that is well kept. I have always been one to study ancient texts. Such as the Bible, History, Photos, and even more radical ideologies such as UFO, and Time travel. I find it all fascinating. The more research I do, the more things just make sense. I am a truth seeker. I always have been, and always will be. So why don’t I just believe everything I am told? Millions of people (including myself) feel like we remember a reality that has literally changed right before our own eyes. From notable biblical verses changing, movie lines altered, brand/logos not seeming right, and even geography being altered. You may notice this subtle difference, but amazingly brush it off as human error. For example; You know it’s not right, but a quick google search le’s you know it’s always been that way. Or has it? What is really going on? Why are so many people questioning our very own reality? Probably because we are seeing “light pillars”, “floating islands”, and “rainbow colored wasps”.. I guess?


Technology’s timeline.

I have been doing a lot of independent research on the Mandella Effect. What I am finding is absolutely jaw dropping, and astonishing. While most “conspiracy” tend to gravitate around science fiction. I find a lot of these effects are very real. In fact, they are life changing. We as humans spent so much time looking down at our phones, that our entire reality could be changing right before our very eyes. This theory gets it's name from a timeline where (one timeline) believes Nelson Mandela passed away in 1991 in prison. While the other reality say’s he went on to become President of South Africa and passed away in 2013 at age 95. Luckily, I am one of these rare ones that remember both instances. In fact, on many of the proposed instances.. Except a few major ones. Many of us remember things that others don’t.. So are we living in truthful existance? or is this all just an Illusion? Well.. Do some research, and YOU decide.