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Have we met?

Well. I guess it’s official. This has been a very important week for the King Craig James brand. TWO new ALEXA skills have been released to the public. One that uses Amazon’s Alexa to read the latest tweets. The other skill reads off the latest news blogs. Just to be clear. No, they are NOT endorsed by Amazon. However, they are very useful, and passed the certification. These skills can be added to your daily “flash briefing”. This has got me excited. In fact, I am so excited.. I have been integrating my own voice with A.I. Have you heard it?

So what does this all mean? Well.. I guess it means K.C.J. has his own version of “Alexa” and “Siri” in the works. What am I going to use it for? Your guess is as good as mine. Will I even find a use for it? Probably. I know one thing is for sure. I bet you never would of guessed King Craig James just may be your next virtual assistant. That would certainly make life a lot more interesting.. Don’t you think? But that’s not all.

If you pay attention to the news, you may have discovered that the first human heart was successfully 3D printed. What does that mean? That means King Craig James may soon be able to replicate the human heart as well. Can you imagine that? People who doubt the possibilities of this brand are really becoming more and more obsolete. I can’t imagine why I have so many haters out there. Especially, when this brand has so much capability. Whether you need life saving drone footage, AI bots, or 3D modeling and printing. King Craig James has your back… And soon.. Hopefully… Your next heart. Help us GROW, and DONATE today.