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High Five

Some people need a constant pat on the back, a high five, or constant re-assurance that they are doing well.. Perhaps a little treat. Sadly, I am NOT describing my dog. Although that positive re-enforcement training worked wonders on her. I am talking about people. Unfortunately, I am NOT one of those people. Unlike most of them.. I always do well. I don’t need a baby sitter, or a life coach to walk me through it. Though, I am entertained by the books, and people who attempt to be just that. By all means.. Please save yourself the trouble.


So how do you reward someone who constantly sets the bar higher for others? You can’t. Why? Because people like me are ALWAYS setting the bar higher for others, and himself. I call it “kicking your own ass” and it’s the only way to truly achieve your goals. Especially, when you don’t have a motivational speaker, or someone coaching you through life. Over time, it’s something you learn to do, and take great pride in. It’s a skill that many people out there never never learn. People make many dollars trying to teach others how to do it. However, I found that it’s either built in, or it doesn’t exist. When people take notice, it will inspire others to take action. Isn’t that right?


Why would someone have to kick their own ass? To be their best and get things done of course. Nobody is instructing us on how to be ourselves. We are our own best critics. We know where our weaknesses are. Nobody can push us to our limits further than ourselves. I think that people generally lack the kind of motivation it takes to do their own thing, and be their own boss. That’s probably what makes people admire the things I say, and things I do. They take note, that this guy isn’t playing around. When he says he’s going to do something.. He just does it.. When he lays out his goals, people expect them to be achieved.. The things he visualizes become reality. People all around me love what I do.. Word of mouth is the best form of advertising.. Luckily, they hear me.. and I hear them loud and clearly.

Testimonials work great to sell vacuum cleaners… Billboards are great for car insurance.. Business cards are great for contractors.. Word of mouth works great for me. The question you have to ask yourself is this.. What works for you?