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Radio Waves

You are probably starting to notice that this website is updated very, very often. Unlike the competition (none), we take great pride in our brand. I have some exciting news. Particularly for ANDROID users. We have opened up some new doors in the matrix. Just for YOU.

The radio button is growing. If you tap/hover over “RADIO” on the top of the website, you will find the podcast in new places. Castbox, Stitcher, Pocket Casts, and Player FM. King Craig James is taking over the radio waves. In other words, KCJ has just DOUBLED the available places to listen to the podcasts. Which is great, because our listeners LOVE them.

So what does this mean? Well, King Craig James is branching out, and expanding to new avenues. Reaching out to new potential listeners. Increasing our availability. Why do we do this? Well, it’s quite simple. Everyone has different devices, and tastes for apps. The King Craig James brand wants to be available just about everywhere. Just like the music. We do it for YOU.


I have my personal favorites. I tend to use Amazon music, and Tunein. As they are directly linked up with my Alexa enabled devices and prime account. However, I am aware that everyone consumes media in different ways. So, if you have any of those apps on your phone or tablet. I encourage you to check out the “Crown Cast” as it’s the latest branch of the King Craig James brand. Please like and subscribe as the podcast is on fire. We update it weekly.

King Craig James is becoming a dominating force in music, radio, merchandise, 3D, and design. We are proud to have you aboard. We will continue to shine, and bring you the greatest content available. That’s the latest news. Check back often for more!

Hands free

“Hey Siri, Play the King Craig James Crown cast”

“Hey Siri, Play a song by King Craig James”

“Alexa, Play the Crown cast on tune in”

“Alexa, Play a song by King Craig James”

“Hey Siri, Take me to KingCraigJames.Com”


When I first started recording music and branding the King Craig James empire. I never would have thought that a virtual assistant would be helping my friends, listeners, fans, and even myself find my work. In 2018, They are able to find my music, radio show, and website. So I am going to take a moment to celebrate those great achievements, and the many more to come.

I think it’s safe to say that when I first announced the possibility of Siri, and Alexa knowing how to find me.. Many of you out there probably assumed I was full of shit. That is, until you tried it for yourself. Some of you out there are probably still impressed by how many Google results are out there when you do a “King Craig James” search. However, I think the virtual assistants take it to a whole new level. A hands free level. A true game changer in the world of technology.

Technology is making access to music, radio, and tv easier than ever before. Nobody takes the time to thank all the developers that make this possible. That’s why I am writing this. I want to thank all of the people in the background who implemented this technology. I feel like humanity is truly making progress. Sure, our virtual assistants fail us from time to time.. Which makes a great viral video.. However, I am finding that 90 percent of the time.. They work perfectly.

Whether or not your a fan of my blogs, music, radio show, merchandise, app, or website. There is nothing better then knowing someone who is actually stationed in the cloud, handled by ai, and ready to be delivered to you. So if you’re wondering why “King” is at the beginning of my name, and how I have fans all around the world. They respect what I have done, and I have earned that title. Through dedication, hard work, and the help from those that are closest to me.

Kcj (Podcast)

Let’s face it. The word’s blog & podcast need some reinvention. I have teamed up with JaQwaylynn (my co-host) to discuss a wide variety of topics. The topics are derived from “What’s new” “Common Situations” “Money & Business” and “FUN”. While the subjects may change, they will be the main focus of the first season.

King Craig James is taking the world by storm with powerful music, articles, and now internet radio. So what can a podcast offer that music and writing can’t?

Well.. You’ll just have to listen for yourself. Expect the unexpected. No holds barred entertainment. Will you be offended? Probably.

Where’s it all going? I am pleased to announce that the “podcasts” will be updated regularly. Yes, eventually stream on Amazon, and Apple. Stay tuned for more info. Check out episodes 1-4 here.

Your passion

Being passionate about something can make the difference between having a good life, and a bad one. I think it’s pretty easy to identify what I am passionate about. At first glance, people might think I am passionate about myself. While that may be partially true, I think my focus is definitely my brand. This brand is certainly one to follow, because we certainly follow through. But what about you? What are you passionate about? What do YOU do?

I have a passion for recording music, customization, and creation. More importantly, I am even more passionate about who I create it for. That’s right. You. My customers, friends, family, associates, and fans. I think my brand represents my passion for bold imagry, individuality, customization, freedom of speech, and originality. I am fortunate enough to make a living doing it. Am I the next Steve Jobs, Elon Musk, or Jeff Bezos? If you know me well enough. You would of said yes. You would be convinced without a doubt that my goals are set high. So how well do you know me? The door Is open.


I have a passion for reading, learning, and writing. I think that when people “google me” they are immediately drawn to my music, products, and my writing. That’s great and all, but I would expect people to be even more drawn to possibilities. People who never experienced King Craig James before are missing out on what this brand can do for them. Customization is the key, to KCJ. So what’s that all about? Well.. See for yourself.

I have a catalog of music in every major radio, and app on the web. I also have hundreds of products that can be customized. I have a music subscription app. Soon, I will have hundreds of articles. Eventually, I will finish that book I am working on. That’s what makes my brand so big, bold, and powerful for my customers. Are you passionate about something? What’s stopping you from making it possible? Go ahead, give it a try.

You may have noticed some pretty heavy upgrades to the website in the past few weeks. I have included a lot of new stuff to check out. You are probably wondering… What’s that cart button for? I have decided that it’s time to start building my brand and uploading products right to this website. While it’s fun to shop at Amazon, and Zazzle. I want to make the user experience just as friendly by listing items for sale right here. Pretty soon, I will be listing all sorts of products, services, and interesting things. So stay tuned. Until then.. Follow your dreams.