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Duck Huntin'

Um.. You’re tweets.. Just… Disappeared!!!

Most of the people on Twitter, are full of shit. So why not give the shit storm a colon cleanse?


The @kingcraigjames twitter made it to around 400 tweets.. However, I have decided to flush those birdies down the toilet. Why keep invalid words posted anyways? I am finding that a good flushing is good for those little birdies. So if you’re wondering where all my posts went.. They’re gone.

Twitter is one of those things that reaches stupidity overload fairly quickly. Especially when I have a tendency to respond to all the Feminists, Anti-Firearms, and Trump bashers out there. Among many other fun topics.. I am also known to toss in a link or two including the King Craig James empire..

I am trying to play nice in the sandbox.. I really am. The problem is.. Way too many idiots are allowed to just spew puke speech all over the place. I guess you could call them gas-lighters.. Zealots.. With that being said, I am going into the weekend on a mission to dish out about 20 new tweets.. Wish me luck.