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The KING cult

The King Craig James BLOG hasn't received much love lately. I am here to change that. I hope you are all enjoying the LIVE streams on YOUTUBE, and PERISCOPE… I know they got me sandboxed, and it’s hard to find in search results and such.. However.. Give it time.. I will have my own little cult on each of the platforms eventually. I am taking it slow, getting to know the software, and experimenting with the keywords.

In fact, one of my newest friends asked me if I was a pimp, cult leader, or a womanizer. Yeah, I love how they fall in love, and then question their entire reality shortly thereafter. I guess I have a way of putting a whole new perspective on things, and life in general. That’s what makes the KCJ brand so successful.. Thinking (OUTSIDE) the box. This brand is growing.. and growing… and growing.. The people involved are working behind the scenes harder then ever to make this one of the TOP music, podcast, blog, streams, and merchandise brands of ALL TIME.

I promise, I have not forgotten about you readers out there. I just have many things going on. I am working on some very exciting projects for the near future. Jacqueline and I have barely had the time to do a “Crown Cast” in the past few weeks because we are working so hard on this LIVE stream. That should speak VOLUME… Because we LOVE doing those RADIO shows. We have a lot of subscribers, and soon… We will have a LOT of viewers.. So if you’re not in on the King Craig James domain… You might want to re-consider.. We’re doing big things.