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Update: Crowncast

I am thrilled to discover that many of you are out there are listening to the “Crown Cast” podcast. The newest edition to the KCJ brand. Music is a huge part of my life. However, I never thought I would be a radio host. It’s safe to say that I really pulled it off. I am excited to see where the podcast goes. I have a lot more fun planned for the future. So what’s new for season 2???

Well.. I think I have found a format that I would like to stick with. I like reporting the “fake news” and “situations” that we face every day. I am expecting the podcast to branch out to other hosts, and creating a whole new fanbase of listeners. I think season two will feature more underground music from some of my older albums. Perhaps an updated intro theme. I am considering extending the episodes to 20 minutes, but no promises.


I am sure some of you hard core podcasting fans are wondering.. Will I have any special guests? Well, that’s a great question. A question I can not answer at this time. I don’t have any specific guests planned for season 2, but that may be subject to change. My schedule is already pretty full, and I found that people can be pretty tedious to work with. So my final answer is.. We’ll just have to see.. If you feel like you would be a good edition to the show, please contact me.

I am already getting a lot of positive feedback from listeners. I am thrilled to see how rapidly it’s reaching people. This is just another example on what the brand was designed to do. We are bold, strong, and creative. Radio seems to bridge that gap between recording music, and blogging. The “crown cast” season one started as a trial run. I am excited to announce that the show will definitely continue. I am expecting it to get bigger, better, and much more popular.

So.. Why did I decide to start a podcast? Well.. Simple.. I have never truly found a podcast that I thought was worth listening to. That’s why I decided to invent, and distribute my own. My favorite part about the podcast is being able to implement humor, and more of my personality into what I do. Love it or hate it, the Crown Cast is here to stay. I just want to take a moment to thank all of my listeners, friends, co-workers, and associates who support what I do. A special thanks to Jacqueline for being an excellent co-host.