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You may have noticed a handy little button arrive at the forefront of the King Craig James Domain. What does this mean? How does it pertain to you? Why should you contribute? How much is necessary? We will leave that one up to YOU. Welcome to our contribution campaign.


On August 23rd 2003.

A vision was born. The idea to write, produce, perform, and record my own song. Just 7 days later… That vision became a reality, and sparked an entire empire. The King Craig James Empire. Since then, that vision has become the very foundation of our success. To keep our NEWS, MUSIC, PODCAST, and MERCHANDISE alive. We need your generous support.

So how does this pertain to you?

Well, for everyone out there who chose NOT to follow your dreams. This message is for you. I want to be living proof that you can reach your goals, accomplish your dreams, and find success. I want to be that boost you need to stop making excuses, and get down to business. Follow me, on this journey we call life. Perhaps you enjoy our blogs, music, or crown cast. This is YOUR chance to re-pay us for our generous work, and contribute to something far greater. A movement lead by King Craig James.


Why should YOU contribute?

Well.. That’s simple. One small investment in us goes a long way. We are constantly being threatened by operating costs, lawsuits, and haters that are desperately trying to disrupt our movement. Help us keep our products available, our content flowing, and our music and radio FREE. We are counting on your contribution to keep this movement going.

How much is necessary?

Well.. How do you put a price on our WEBSITE, NEWS, MUSIC, PODCAST, or MERCHANDISE? That is up to YOU. The more you contribute, the greater the results. We are counting on YOU to keep the King Craig James empire moving forward. So my question to you is this. Can we count on your support?

Queen of Hearts

When one artist meets another. Especially, when one inspires the other. It’s truly a life changing experience. The feelings come about as if you’re falling in love. As an artist, you never truly can predict who will inspire you, and when you’ll be inspired. For all you know, it could be that person sitting right next to you. That pretty much sums up my week. I met someone that I truly can’t stop listening to, or get out of my mind. So, I figured.. I would write about it.

I am truly in the fast lane. A lot of things keep changing in my life. My soul, my style, my influences, and my passions. One thing remains the same. I love music. I am starting to discover that there’s no such thing as a “good” job. I am pretty sick of working hard for almost nothing in return. I am tired of being seen as the “new guy” and getting shit on. However, the people you’re surrounded by.. Can truly make all the difference. In that aspect, I am right where I am supposed to be. For all I know, that will be the subject of the next song I am in.


Without going into too much detail.. I met someone really special. I am really looking forward to seeing what our future brings. I hope someday she becomes part of team KCJ. She would be such an incredible asset to the business, brand, and music. I am trying really hard to keep it hush, but this girl really has a lot of talent. So much so, that even I had a hard time approaching her about the music. I feel like I have known her my whole life, but when I get to spend some time with her. I will feel a lot more comfortable introducing her to all of you. I am doing my best to take it easy.. All I can say, is she’s definitely my newest friend, and fellow musical artist.


I guess I cant help but feel so thrilled, excited, and overwhelmed with joy. If you were in my shoes, you would too. For the first time in a long long time.. I am finding it really hard to get things done. I swear it feels like I am already planning future projects with her. lol.. Speaking of.. I hope I get a chance to have her as a special guest on the crown cast, and perhaps in some of my upcoming songs. No promises just yet, we’re still just getting to know each other. So that’s the latest news on KCJ. I hope everyone had a wonderful, and productive week. Tune into the crown cast this Monday.

Linked In

I think one of my most prized social networks has got to be the King Craig James linkedin. After all, it certainly speaks the truth. (Unlike my latest statistics at Amazon)

I am proud to say that I have over 1,500+ REAL music industry contacts. The King Craig James brand of music and media gets views, streams, and plays from reputable companies on a regular basis. Fun fact, our views are up about 467% in the past week.

Screen Shot 2018-11-27 at 11.04.40 AM.png

That’s a trend that’s pretty hard to compete with. So why such a growth in such a small amount of time? Well, it’s simple. I haven’t posted anything at all.. Since the website re-launch in September.

However, in early November, I started promoting the Darkness Album, and Crown Cast. As you can see, it’s starting to influence others in the music industry. A very good sign.

With that being said. I want to thank all my industry contacts out there for sharing, liking, and raising awareness of the King Craig James empire. I am not big on social media, and I never intend to be. However, don’t get me wrong. I am certainly a huge fan of networking. I will reply to the messages as soon as possible. I apologize if yours has been sitting untouched in the inbox for a while. I have a lot of catching up to do.


Well.. I took some time to update my GOOGLE+ profile’s “ABOUT” section with some links, phone numbers, and photos and such. I must say that… King Craig James is certainly a giant. Unlike those one hit wonder artists, this doesn’t exactly happen overnight. It’s not like I have a marketing team spamming the web for me. Although, I am sure companies like that exist. Ever wonder why your favorite artists fall off? Well, they don’t take the time to market themselves. Often, they get the instant fame, but no fortune.. Plus, a whole shit load of debt.. Ending their careers before they begin. What a mess.. A true artist, brand, and dream.. Follows their own path to success.

The only thing you’ll find empty is probably my social media accounts. I don’t do much of that. I never have, and I never will. So if you’re looking to follow me on twitter, or facebook.. Or even Google. Save yourself the trouble please. I lost interest soon after MYSPACE took a dive. I refuse to let social media define me, or my business. Same goes with YOUTUBE. Does that have an impact on KCJ? Probably not. When is the last time you did business with someone on twitter, facebook, or youtube? Exactly my point. Sorry to burst the egos of everyone out there with thousands of “followers and friends.” I do however, create links for them, because we live in this “facebook” official world. I keep it 100, just not on social media.

Just a quick glance on my website, or google plus will lead you to a tree of KCJ that branches out to many different locations throughout the web. Those, are just the major branches.. You will be humbled to discover that there’s many more smaller “branches” yet to be explored. Like many smaller music stores like Microsoft, Napster, and Beatport. I tend to focus on the stuff that I know people use frequently. So with that being said.. I am easy to find. It’s not always about who you know, but who knows you. It’s not about who you can find, it’s about who can find you. That’s one of the secrets to my success.. I am pretty much stationed in every country in the world, but I haven’t ever left the country. That’s why people follow me. That’s what I call.. being connected.

Hands free

“Hey Siri, Play the King Craig James Crown cast”

“Hey Siri, Play a song by King Craig James”

“Alexa, Play the Crown cast on tune in”

“Alexa, Play a song by King Craig James”

“Hey Siri, Take me to KingCraigJames.Com”


When I first started recording music and branding the King Craig James empire. I never would have thought that a virtual assistant would be helping my friends, listeners, fans, and even myself find my work. In 2018, They are able to find my music, radio show, and website. So I am going to take a moment to celebrate those great achievements, and the many more to come.

I think it’s safe to say that when I first announced the possibility of Siri, and Alexa knowing how to find me.. Many of you out there probably assumed I was full of shit. That is, until you tried it for yourself. Some of you out there are probably still impressed by how many Google results are out there when you do a “King Craig James” search. However, I think the virtual assistants take it to a whole new level. A hands free level. A true game changer in the world of technology.

Technology is making access to music, radio, and tv easier than ever before. Nobody takes the time to thank all the developers that make this possible. That’s why I am writing this. I want to thank all of the people in the background who implemented this technology. I feel like humanity is truly making progress. Sure, our virtual assistants fail us from time to time.. Which makes a great viral video.. However, I am finding that 90 percent of the time.. They work perfectly.

Whether or not your a fan of my blogs, music, radio show, merchandise, app, or website. There is nothing better then knowing someone who is actually stationed in the cloud, handled by ai, and ready to be delivered to you. So if you’re wondering why “King” is at the beginning of my name, and how I have fans all around the world. They respect what I have done, and I have earned that title. Through dedication, hard work, and the help from those that are closest to me.

Screen Shot 2018-10-06 at 11.56.39 PM.png

When you build a brand. You examine your image closely. I am (personally) not big on Spotify. I don’t really promote my Spotify in any way shape or form. I do think that it’s great that my music is available there.

When it comes to sales, it seems like Spotify doesn’t exactly produce results in comparison to the other streaming services. So I never really took it very seriously. So I decided to merge it with my “listener” account and find out why.

I couldn’t help but notice that my page was missing that “spark” other artists have on theirs. I attempted to fix it in the past, and I often came up short. Well… That is.. Until now. I have decided to perform a much needed update to my Spotify that I would like to share with you. Check it out.

The changes are more noticeable on the MAC and PC versions of Spotify but I am assuming they will be reflected on the APP as well. The changes I have made produce more authenticity to the listeners. As before, it just seemed like a “default” page for an artist.

I think people tend to forget that writing, recording, and producing music are only part of the battle. Once the music is created, you need to market it, sell it, and promote it.

If the artist has the support of a major label, they are certainly paying all these people to do this for them. Which usually results in heavy debts on the artist. Debts that they never usually overcome. The music industry is changing. It’s possible for.a musician to literally DIY. As long as you have the skills, knowledge, patience, and drive.

Time off task

I have been taking some time off work lately.. I need a break physically, and mentally. Sometimes I find it really difficult to put money in the pocket of someone else, when I could be following my own steps and putting money into my own pocket. This is what it’s like to work a regular job, and follow your dreams at the same time.

Time is never really available. Debts are inevitable. Support is hard to find. Space is hard to get. Money is hard to make. These are just some of the life lessons I endure in my travels. I like to joke and tell people that I work a 90 hour work week, and get paid for about half of it. A lot of the times, it’s true. I am pretty much always tired. Writing certainly helps soothe the soul. I must humbly admit, many of you who hate my music, love my writing. That’s what this “news” blog is all about. Are you following? Good. Are you paying attention? Perhaps not. That’s a statue of me. Idiot.


I was having a conversation with a really really close friend. I was telling her that I haven’t felt like myself lately. It started to worry her. I mean.. I don’t feel like “King Craig James” anymore. (I clarified).. She immediately knew what I was talking about. I had let my website go offline, my music stop, and my fancy little phone system get taken off the hook. I stopped caring about everything I have worked on for the past 15 years. I guess I just over looked how many people truly appreciate the stuff I do. Including.. Myself.

I was listening to the Eminem CD “Kamikaze” and he said my name in it. “Craig G” not just once.. but twice.. I had to rewind that because I couldn’t believe my ears. As much of a conspiracy my life is. I have come to the conclusion (hopefully) that he was referencing an irrelevant rapper from the 80’s. However, the way he spoke about his competition.. I felt like he was calling me irrelevant as well. Sometimes stupid shit like that really gets to me, and really makes me kick my own ass. Even though, I don’t consider myself much of a rapper. I must admit, I am certainly inspired by “Slim Shady” and his movement. Either way, it was just the spark I needed to stand up and get things running. Well what do you know.. Here we are.

I am well aware that I come off as a bit narcissistic at times, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. I am in business to do great things for great people. Whether it’s a song that makes them laugh, or an article that makes them cry.. A video that inspires them, or maybe even a photo that brings back memories. One fact is, I may not be a KING in the sense of a ruler, but I am the ruler of my destiny. Funny how a man such as I can set that aside, and forget it sometimes. Though when I do, a huge part of me is missing. People around me certainly notice.

I want to make a promise to myself not to slip up anymore. I am tired of being torn down. I am tired of highs and lows. I want some balance. I can’t let the rollercoaster of life make me feel the need to quit. Sometimes, we really have to fight to achieve success. So, I am done making excuses. No more blaming mom, dad, the weather, or economy.. or even my friends and fans.. I need to remember who the fuck I am. I need to keep in mind what I can achieve. For I am a man who has overcome all odds. I am still here. I am still strong. I am still standing. Stand by me.

A special treat

Is King Craig James working on a new album?

Let’s just say that this is so new that it’s not even titled.. Have you heard it? Click play..

While the above beat may not be final, or ever make it onto my album.. I just want to be clear that I am still recording, and I want to squash any rumors that say otherwise.. So, I figured showing you something unfinished would be the perfect way to do it. Will it end up in stores? Yeah..

Q: But.. Craig.. What if someone steals it?

A: My answer to you is.. Good luck with that.

I have no idea what I am going to say on the track just yet.. However, I do have some ideas. Unlike some of my older songs, I tend to take my lyrics a little more seriously now days. I have a young nephew now who finds my music and likes to repeat them. I also found out that sometimes they have a way of becoming truth somehow or another. So I guess we’ll see.

My biggest issue right now is finding the time to record. A lot of things keep me busy in life. I am just trying to prioritize everything right now. When I do finish the track I will post it as a FREE download.. Right here.. How does that sound?

I am an Amazon associate.. So I have decided to run some ad campaigns on the website.. I hand pick the ads based on some of my favorite deals and products.. After all.. I am just like everyone else.. I am not a big fan of useless advertising. I will definitely keep them short and sweet. Stay tuned.

Guess who's back

Hey everyone.


I must take the time to answer the never ending question that is coming at me from all angles of the world..

Where has K.C.J. been? Well.. I am here.. but I must say, I truly live up to the title of my latest music video, “Cant be found”

1o months ago I decided to take a break from my own ventures and join a culture that you might well know of called Amazon. That’s right. I have spent the past 10 months as an Amazonian. Which means. I am currently employed by the richest man in the world. Yeah, I have a lot to say about that.. However, I cant reveal any “inside information” or “inside secrets” so don’t even ask.

Before you jump to conclusions. I just want you to know that I am still self employed as well, and getting checks sent to “King Craig James”. I took a little break from the social media, web, and music due to the harsh reality that I am a victim of identity theft..

But hey, who doesn’t want to be King Craig James? Anyways, I miss posting updates, blogging, and keeping in touch with my friends, family, and fans.. So here I am.. Back by popular demand. I need a little time to get things up and running. So please bare with me.