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A balance

In my line of work, nothing is more important then trying to find a balance. I am always seeking new ways, and opportunity. What’s even more important, is finding new, and innovative ways to fund the King Craig James brand. I like to take multiple streams of income, and re-invest in the parts of the business that need the most funding or work. That way, I can continue to accomplish my goals, and keep this content flowing to YOU. The greater goal being; complete self sustainability. Then, who knows.. Maybe someday, a publicly traded company.


I have made it crystal clear throughout the past few months that working at Amazon has made that very challenging, unbearable, and very stressful. So if you have been tuning in to the blog, and crown cast. You will discover that I am excited to announce that I have moved forward. How? Well, I have a whole bunch of interviews lined up for the week. I hand picked some of my favorite companies, and I have agreed to interview with the ones I like the most. One thing that I enjoy about working for other companies, is learning, and understanding the way they do business. I am always looking for new methods, and concepts that just may apply to my own.


Sometimes companies focus too much on growth, and not enough on their employees. That was my biggest concern with Amazon. So I am hoping to join an organization who has a better balance in that aspect. After doing a little research, I have found that employees generally stay with these companies a lot longer then employees do with Amazon. To me, that’s a healthy sign. Needless to say, I am very excited that I will be entering the first (in a long string of interviews) for positions I am probably over-qualified for. That’s perfectly fine for me, as long as there’s opportunity to move up.


What do I mean by moving up? Well, it’s not always about money. I think it’s important for employees to grow with the company itself. People who know the business better, should be granted opportunities to help keep that company running smoothly. I am starting to notice how few companies truly do this now days. They treat us as expendable. I think that puts a sour taste in the mouth of the public, and the employee. Resulting in (even large empires) to collapse from within.

All in all, I am excited to see where my future takes me. I have a lot to offer. Not just in music, media, and merchandise.. or radio.. Web development, 3D & drone technology.. But as a person. My skills are a perfect match for just about ANY position out there. The question is, who’s going to be intelligent enough to take advantage of that? We’ll see..