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Ungrateful USERS

Do you have a family member suffering from mental illness? I know I do.

Have you been sent home from work lately? Do you think people are following you and watching you? Are you blaming people for hacking you, and ruining your life? I would play a few voicemails here so you can listen to yourself, but I am not a dick.. Anyways.. You may need commitment. You want my honest opinion? I am tired of watching you suffer. Seriously. Lay off the CBD… or whatever has you going crazy.

Well.. I got attacked by a psychotic tornado of bullshit this weekend.. Named after the nearest city to Area 51.. But hey.. I am not about to mention any names.. However, I do want to mention how people are quick to assume things, bad mouth me, and assault me.. Then blame me for every single problem they have in life. Does that make you feel better? I sure hope so. So here is my response. Please, get some medical help. You are deeply distraught, and disturbed.. In my opinion, absolutely dangerous.. While your mom might be enabling your behavior.. Jacqueline and I won’t be. Nor will anyone else with any sanity..


I am tired of my siblings holding my closest relatives, friends, and elders mentally hostage, and guilt-tripping them into extorting Jacqueline and I. What a circus.. I am pretty silent about my personal life, but I must say…You are very ungrateful, thankless, and alone for a reason. Since when is it ok to bash someone to the extent that makes you question ones own sanity? Since when is it ok to blame EVERYONE else for YOUR problems? I don’t know. Selfish people? Lonely people? Drug addicted people? I am NOT your cause, solution, savior, or friend.. In fact, don’t make enemies with me. I am not interested. Nor is Jacqueline.

I apologize that your whole goal in life is to make me single, and alone, and as hated as you are. I just don’t see that happening now, or anytime in the near future. My team is strong.

I have to distance myself from people who act irrationally. Yeah, you know who you are. I simply dont want people like YOU in my life, and (because of how you act)… Nobody else does either. So that’s why you spend all of your focus on your SIBLING.. I am the problem… Right? WRONG. Get your shit together. You are always dramatic, always have a problem, and nothing will ever solve your deep dwelling hatred for me. I just cant believe how low you are going to disrupt my life because somebody loves me, and well… You’re alone. Look in the mirror next time you verbally abuse me, assault me, and disrupt my life. You are just like your daddy. You make your mom cry, and upset everyone around you. I am simply tired of it. Get a life.

You.. Yes you.. The one enabling her.. Why are you feeding into her delusions? Why are you attacking us? As if WE are truly at fault? If you really cared.. You would get her some help, rather then gang up on us and extort Jackie and I to “help her”. What a beautiful day in THIS neighborhood.. Sad.. Very sad.. I am so sick of getting shit on by people who are supposed to love me, and my other half. I love how she’s still getting treated like a “stranger” when we have been together for 2 years.. And why do you keep bringing up my ex girlfriends? People love me. Get over it. What a terrible weekend. Why is it that every time I start making progress… You always try to tear me down? Last time I checked.. Thats hate, assult, abuse, domestic violence, and slander.. I will leave it at that. Yeah, for the world to read, until you stop your bullshit.. Until then… Answers would be great.