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Anti-Social Media

Welcome to the King Craig James sandbox.

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I have 4 followers on Twitter, but I average about 100 subscribers a day between the podcast, blog, and website. Want some proof? Of course you do. That’s why I am writing this blog. I was un-sandboxed from twitter for just one day.. Guess what happened.. I got about 50 likes on a tweet. Imagine that. So what is my point? How badly is social media holding you down? Probably pretty badly.. I re-launched my website less than a week ago. Check out what happened.


Have you ever wondered why it appears that nobody is calling you, texting you, emailing you, or contacting you on social media? Don’t worry. You are NOT a loser. In fact, you are probably pretty popular. You just don’t know it. Why? Because there is a force out there that actually wants to suppress you. Are you as great as Mr. King Craig James? Well.. I guess that depends on who you ask. My point is.. I have been doing a little research on the shadow blocking, and sandboxing going on when it comes to “social networking”, and “social media”.. The results.. Will surprise you.

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So why does social media “block” or “censor” people? Well.. Good question.. In my case.. It’s because I am a perceived threat because I am backed by a brand, many people, and a lot of digital content. Why are they messing with the “little guy” like you? I am guessing it’s because they want you to feel lonely, depressed, and unpopular. I suppose it’s to silence you. Perhaps it’s even to keep you engaged in the network, instead of meeting people, or re-connecting with people and ditching the networks completely. Perhaps.. It’s to steal your data.. Your guess is as good as mine, but the fact is.. It’s happening.. Even to me.

So what is my point? When you’re not getting calls, messages, tweets, emails… Don’t be so hard on yourself and think for one second that someone out there isn’t trying to reach you. They are.. However, you probably don’t have the firewalls, encryption, and willingness to detach, and unplug yourself from this (internet) hell hole to allow it to happen.

Final Thought: Go on outside, and make a friend today. Stop relying on the internet.

Artificial Intelligence

Is artificial intelligence taking over the King Craig James brand? Not exactly. However, it’s definitely improving the way our content is delivered. Thanks to your favorite virtual assistants.. You can now ask them to play King Craig James News, Music, and Podcasts.

While many media outlets are scrutinizing these assistants. Claiming “they’re always listening” , and keeping “track of us”. I really don’t mind. One must ask ourselves, do we really have privacy anyways? I find them to be quite enjoyable. That’s why I have decided to start developing NEW ways for users to engage in King Craig James media.

King Craig James looks forward to all of our future stories being delivered right to your “smart home”. So if you notice the blogs becoming shorter.. Well, it’s just so we can fill you in more quickly, and more often. Welcome to the new age of King Craig James media.


You may have noticed a handy little button arrive at the forefront of the King Craig James Domain. What does this mean? How does it pertain to you? Why should you contribute? How much is necessary? We will leave that one up to YOU. Welcome to our contribution campaign.


On August 23rd 2003.

A vision was born. The idea to write, produce, perform, and record my own song. Just 7 days later… That vision became a reality, and sparked an entire empire. The King Craig James Empire. Since then, that vision has become the very foundation of our success. To keep our NEWS, MUSIC, PODCAST, and MERCHANDISE alive. We need your generous support.

So how does this pertain to you?

Well, for everyone out there who chose NOT to follow your dreams. This message is for you. I want to be living proof that you can reach your goals, accomplish your dreams, and find success. I want to be that boost you need to stop making excuses, and get down to business. Follow me, on this journey we call life. Perhaps you enjoy our blogs, music, or crown cast. This is YOUR chance to re-pay us for our generous work, and contribute to something far greater. A movement lead by King Craig James.


Why should YOU contribute?

Well.. That’s simple. One small investment in us goes a long way. We are constantly being threatened by operating costs, lawsuits, and haters that are desperately trying to disrupt our movement. Help us keep our products available, our content flowing, and our music and radio FREE. We are counting on your contribution to keep this movement going.

How much is necessary?

Well.. How do you put a price on our WEBSITE, NEWS, MUSIC, PODCAST, or MERCHANDISE? That is up to YOU. The more you contribute, the greater the results. We are counting on YOU to keep the King Craig James empire moving forward. So my question to you is this. Can we count on your support?

Update: Crowncast

I am thrilled to discover that many of you are out there are listening to the “Crown Cast” podcast. The newest edition to the KCJ brand. Music is a huge part of my life. However, I never thought I would be a radio host. It’s safe to say that I really pulled it off. I am excited to see where the podcast goes. I have a lot more fun planned for the future. So what’s new for season 2???

Well.. I think I have found a format that I would like to stick with. I like reporting the “fake news” and “situations” that we face every day. I am expecting the podcast to branch out to other hosts, and creating a whole new fanbase of listeners. I think season two will feature more underground music from some of my older albums. Perhaps an updated intro theme. I am considering extending the episodes to 20 minutes, but no promises.


I am sure some of you hard core podcasting fans are wondering.. Will I have any special guests? Well, that’s a great question. A question I can not answer at this time. I don’t have any specific guests planned for season 2, but that may be subject to change. My schedule is already pretty full, and I found that people can be pretty tedious to work with. So my final answer is.. We’ll just have to see.. If you feel like you would be a good edition to the show, please contact me.

I am already getting a lot of positive feedback from listeners. I am thrilled to see how rapidly it’s reaching people. This is just another example on what the brand was designed to do. We are bold, strong, and creative. Radio seems to bridge that gap between recording music, and blogging. The “crown cast” season one started as a trial run. I am excited to announce that the show will definitely continue. I am expecting it to get bigger, better, and much more popular.

So.. Why did I decide to start a podcast? Well.. Simple.. I have never truly found a podcast that I thought was worth listening to. That’s why I decided to invent, and distribute my own. My favorite part about the podcast is being able to implement humor, and more of my personality into what I do. Love it or hate it, the Crown Cast is here to stay. I just want to take a moment to thank all of my listeners, friends, co-workers, and associates who support what I do. A special thanks to Jacqueline for being an excellent co-host.