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Anti-Social Media

Welcome to the King Craig James sandbox.

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I have 4 followers on Twitter, but I average about 100 subscribers a day between the podcast, blog, and website. Want some proof? Of course you do. That’s why I am writing this blog. I was un-sandboxed from twitter for just one day.. Guess what happened.. I got about 50 likes on a tweet. Imagine that. So what is my point? How badly is social media holding you down? Probably pretty badly.. I re-launched my website less than a week ago. Check out what happened.


Have you ever wondered why it appears that nobody is calling you, texting you, emailing you, or contacting you on social media? Don’t worry. You are NOT a loser. In fact, you are probably pretty popular. You just don’t know it. Why? Because there is a force out there that actually wants to suppress you. Are you as great as Mr. King Craig James? Well.. I guess that depends on who you ask. My point is.. I have been doing a little research on the shadow blocking, and sandboxing going on when it comes to “social networking”, and “social media”.. The results.. Will surprise you.

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So why does social media “block” or “censor” people? Well.. Good question.. In my case.. It’s because I am a perceived threat because I am backed by a brand, many people, and a lot of digital content. Why are they messing with the “little guy” like you? I am guessing it’s because they want you to feel lonely, depressed, and unpopular. I suppose it’s to silence you. Perhaps it’s even to keep you engaged in the network, instead of meeting people, or re-connecting with people and ditching the networks completely. Perhaps.. It’s to steal your data.. Your guess is as good as mine, but the fact is.. It’s happening.. Even to me.

So what is my point? When you’re not getting calls, messages, tweets, emails… Don’t be so hard on yourself and think for one second that someone out there isn’t trying to reach you. They are.. However, you probably don’t have the firewalls, encryption, and willingness to detach, and unplug yourself from this (internet) hell hole to allow it to happen.

Final Thought: Go on outside, and make a friend today. Stop relying on the internet.