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Season Finale

Welcome (back) to the King Craig James empire. The remarkable “Crown Cast’ has just uploaded the season finale. I must say… You either love it, or hate it, or both. Don’t worry. Thats perfectly acceptable. Let’s face it. The KCJ music, clothing, and brand.. Aren’t designed for everyone. Though, I definitely think that there’s something in it for everyone. We are inspired by all of our listeners, friends, family, and fans. We are looking forward to a brilliant season 3. After all, it’s YOU that have made our endeavors so successful.

I am aware that we talk about some pretty controversial subjects, but hey.. That’s life. I am just trying to make the most out of it. Honestly, I am tired of boring podcasts clogging up my avenues. That’s exactly how I felt before I started recording the music. All in all. I have discovered that radio is definitely my thing. I really enjoy, and look forward to the shows. I think Jacqueline feels the same. Expect us to return for a 3rd season with more fun, more excitement, and big things. Will I be advertising and getting paid sponsorships? Who knows. I have enough music to go around so.. I am good with that.


2019 is going to be an exciting year for the KCJ brand. The primary goal is to keep producing epic content, and expanding. You know what they say, “Rome wasn’t built in a day”. What you’re seeing now, took me 15 years to bring to life. I am playing songs on the podcast that I used to have to beg people to listen to. I guess in a way, I am on the stage now. They are clapping from the nosebleeds.. Yeah, so imagine dragons bitches. I have always had this fire in my heart, and I always will. I hope you are enjoying my work. As much as I enjoy putting it all together. So what are you waiting for? Go to your favorite podcast place, and click play. Until next time. KCJ singing out.