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Debt Collection Scam

Well.. Well.. Well.. I see someone out there is hoping to score a piece of my TAX return. Good luck with that.

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The year is just beginning, and so is all the fun. Many of you know, that I have been facing the challenges of identity theft thanks to the many security breaches of 2017. Including; The infamous Equifax, and Facebook.. Affecting a total of 200 million people. Yeah, I am certainly one of them. If you listened to the latest crown cast called, “Judge Jacqueline” you may have discovered that I am currently being sued by what I call a “scam debt collector” I am writing this blog to let you know. If this has happened to you, there is hope.

This particular lawsuit was filed by KOHN LAW out of Milwaukee, Wisconsin. They claim to be representing Discover financial services. So after receiving the paperwork, and several harassing phone calls, and unsolicited letters in the mail.. I have decided to start fighting back, and I will keep fighting until I win. I have decided to do a little research on the companies involved in this scam. I must say, the reviews are quite impressive. It doesn’t take a genius to see very quickly that these are shady two very shady companies. In fact, I think the reviews kind of speak for themselves. Have a look.

So, instead of falling victim to this scam and giving a bunch of crooks my hard earned money.. I will be making sure not to end up like the poor folks leaving these horrible reviews. I think it’s important to learn from the mistakes of others. I just want everyone out there to know that you should always keep an eye on your credit reports, and immediately dispute things that don’t seem right. While, I have done this.. It doesn’t necessarily mean the disputes will be resolved.. It will help limit the amount of impact it has against you if someone opens phony accounts under your name or business. Which has clearly been done to me.

I get it.. My name is everywhere. So, I am used to these surprises. I am used to the SLANDER, and DEFAMATION, LIBEL, and my information being on the “DARK WEB”. Some of you out there, may not be, so dont be afraid to fight.

This is a never ending cycle that I am exposed to. However, the fun stops when people push things a little too far. That’s where I stand with KOHN LAW. I must say, that I agree with many of the reviews, and I have decided to leave my own. I also have every intention to fight this phony case in court, and I will be seeking justice. I have no problem filing for a dismissal, answering, or getting my troops ready for a jury trial. I will not SETTLE or PAY for an account that was NEVER mine to begin with. SO BRING IT.

Playing with peoples lives is no joke. I am tired being exposed to this kind of shit. People will do anything to earn a dollar. I suggest you find yourself a legal way of doing so. I will not be tolerating any nonsense from these scammers, swindles, or con artists. Victory.. Will be mine. So I just want to for warn you. Now that tax season is here, be on the look out for these kind of scams. Including fake debts, IRS scams, and even phony electric/telephone company scams. Also, be sure to pay all your bills (offline) it’s the best way to do business. Stay away from these crooks. They will certainly try to rob you.

So how am I fighting back?

I will be combating these crooks using 7 of my favorite tactics.


I will be exposing them to thousands and THOUSANDS of LISTENERS of my radio show called, “CROWN CAST” that’s available on ITUNES, SPOTIFY, and TUNEIN RADIO..


I will be exposing them to thousands and THOUSANDS of READERS of this very blog.


I will personally be writing MY OWN reviews on their GOOGLE business page, YELP, and other review services. To EXPOSE their shady business practices to THOUSANDS of potential CUSTOMERS.


I will be filing several complaints with the Better Business Bureau, FTC, and several other entities.


I will be showing up to the hearing, and I can’t say what I will be doing next..


If I dont get the results I am requesting.. I will certainly be counter-suing..


If I am unhappy with the results, I will be contacting everyone who’s been exposed to this nonsense, and invite them to join a possible class action lawsuit seeking damages for the lives they have ruined.

Well.. Wish me luck. I will keep you updated.