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In a pickle

When I sent out a DISCOVERY request to DISCOVER and KLOWN LAW (over 30 days ago) I wasn’t surprised when the first lawyer didn’t show up, the second one quit the case, and they handed it over to the NEW GUY.. However, I found it a little insulting when they OBJECTED to everything I reasonably asked for… Stating… “because it’s not readily available, or burdensome” I can’t help but wonder… What Discover and KLOWN LAW, is about to Discover.

The question is this.. How can I file an ANSWER to this scam lawsuit if they are OBJECTING to KEY ingredients such as a CONTRACT, AGREEMENT, and PROOF that backs their OWN claims? It sounds to me like they were really hoping I wouldn’t show up.. Well.. Let’s see.. I guess I am compelled to file a MOTION to COMPEL, or DISMISS… For I can not truly ANSWER this burdensome, and not readily available SCAM. So.. With that being said.. You have 8 hours to produce these documents to Mr. King Craig James or I will begin filing motions, and perhaps counter suits of my own. I hope you’re ready to do that.

I have had my fun with you. I am amazed at your stupidity. I was truly hoping we could have a TRIAL.. I have always wanted to represent myself, and WIN. You truly had me in a position to do that. So I don’t blame you for not providing the documents. So all I can say is that I am very disappointed in KLOWN law, Danielle Doctor, and the rest of you zealots. While you have humored me, and have been featured in my blogs, radio show, and probably future songs.. Your stupidity will be known, admired, and joked about for years to come. I am definitely not impressed with your weakness. I am trying to calculate how much time and money you have cost me to deal with your stupidity. Probably about 100 grand. Just a guess..


The funny thing is.. Today, I bought a Powerball ticket. Why? Not so I could actually win. I just had this vision of using every dollar of my potential winnings to pay every single “debt” you scam from people. Then.. to buy your organization, and employ each and every person you victimize… To record each of you cleaning the fecal matter of your law firms rest rooms with your tongues for the rest of your lives. So before this meeting is adjourned.. Just know one thing. I am looking forward to our little meeting tomorrow.

Oh, and one more thing.. I am providing tags that will appear in search results pertaining to this nonsense you subjected ME to.. I apologize for any inconvenience this may cause in the future. Let’s hope this is the last time I have to waste my time exposing you scumbags.

Disputed Nonsense

Hello King Craig James universe. It has come to my attention that listeners truly LOVE the podcast. Not a day goes by where Jacqueline (or I) are reminded that our friends, family, and fans are out there listening. So I just wanted to thank you for the reminders lately. However, that’s not what this blog is about. I have been focused on trying to help victims of scams lately.. So I just wanted to put this one out there.

America has a big problem on its hands that I don’t believe Mr. Trump has addressed just yet. I think the media dances around it, and they get pretty close at times.. However, nobody is truly addressing the problem of “cyber crime” or “identity theft” and it’s impact on citizens of this great nation. As you may know, I have a court case tomorrow. The plaintiff is alleging that I “owe” some company a fair amount of money for something that has nothing to do with me. That is, the REAL me. On paper, I can’t believe how legit it truly looks- but it’s not. While I am still trying to figure out how this happened, and why.. I have much research yet to do. The good news is.. I may have a lead, or two.

Let me take you back to the time period of 2008 - 2016. A time where my father was becoming angry at my mom, sister, and I. We all knew he was leading a double life in Florida, and got caught. That’s when he threatened to bankrupt all of us, and even filed a lawsuit and a divorce against my mom. So what does this have to do with me?

I have come to the understanding that my name, social security number, and even bank information have been compromised BEFORE, DURING, and AFTER this event. Now, I am NOT pointing any fingers.. However, I find it interesting that I NOW have “medical bills” from doctors I never visited. I NOW have “marks” on my credit report.. I am NOW even getting “sued” for debts that I never had. One of those parents has mysteriously obtained a passport (during the divorce) and claims they’re leaving the country.. Wow.. I have been thinking about this… How hard would it be for a “parent” who has access to all your information.. To commit FRAUD against their children.. The answer just might startle you. It’s very, very, easy. The problem. You might not discover it until it’s too late. So I started to wonder.. Is this common?

After speaking with Jacqueline about it… I was surprised to discover that she not only came to the same conclusion I did, but she had mentioned that she accidentally allowed it to happen to her. Many years ago she allowed one of her family members to be on a card of hers, and her family member maxed it out.. Guess who was stuck with the bill? Jacqueline. So here I am thinking.. Is it possible that someone opened accounts under MY name, ran them up, and did something similar. Again, I am not pointing any fingers.. However, that seems to be the most likely scenario of what has happened to me. Especially after asking for important documents from the plaintiff, and them OBJECTING to each and every one of them. Basically, I asked them to prove it, and they can’t.. However, neither can I.

I can say that after reviewing things I have WITNESSED from the past. I WAS put as an AUTHORIZED USER on a “family members” card I didn’t have access to. I was USED to collect medicare, medicaid, food benefits, and more. I was USED as a paycheck. I have been cheated, lied to, and scammed my whole life. How? By the people who were supposed to PROTECT me from this kind of crap. I was even USED as a defense in a divorce. The question is.. When the people you love use your OWN name against you… CAN you even do anything about it? Not really. You just put on a smile, and let it happen. That’s what I did. Now, it’s costing me. Now, bear in mind… That’s only one of the possibilities..

When examining cases in court. Investigators seek out motives. Being who I am can lead many people, to many motives. For example: My Father might blame me for his divorce. For example: A song I recorded with lyrics they didn’t approve of. Another example: A podcast where I mentioned something controversial. Last, a blog. Perhaps they didn’t like one of my blogs. So what is my point? My point is this.. I was threatened a few years back, and now I am getting sued. I think it’s a shame that people are out there committing fraud, identity theft, and manipulating the system to harm people. I am going to fight, and I am going to win. The problem here.. is that I shouldn’t have to.

So my advice to anyone out there reading this… Sign up for life lock or identity monitoring software, report any strange events (especially with mail), and limit who has access to your personal information. That way, you don’t end up in a court room defending your livelihood from a bunch of magical shit that was happening right in front of your eyes, and behind your back. This is exactly what I get to do tomorrow. I have many documents to support my case, and I am currently getting them in order. Thank you for supporting me during this time. Wish me luck.