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Now in FULL effect. Have a look.

This is my latest project, so I will be hosting LIVE streams on PERISCOPE/TWITTER/YOUTUBE featuring chat, music, news, and comedy. Check out the first few episodes. You are welcome to VIEW, LIKE, and SUBSCRIBE..

A lot of content


I took a few months off, and even let the empire shut down. Why? To regain my momentum online. I am back, and I am ready to throw content at the world like you have never seen before. So.. I have decided to resume season 5 of the Radio Show. But wait… That’s not all..

I have launched an entirely new YOUTUBE channel.. So be sure to LIKE and SUBSCRIBE and watch the latest King Craig James media. So without further interruption. Welcome to the King Craig James empire.

The Terminator

Well.. in case you were wondering. Jacqueline and I have left KENOSHA, and we are very happy. We got the swindling scammers off of our back for a moment, but we are watching new ones arise. Yeah, being well known isn’t always what its chalked up to be. You literally become a target for haters, scammers, and swindlers. But hey, that’s life. Speaking of life..


I think it’s fairly safe to say that most of the calls people receive now days are made from auto dialing robots. Sorry to break the news, but you probably didn’t apply to that job, win a free vacation, or mess up your taxes. These are just scammers trying to make a quick buck. The good news is.. You can fight back. That’s what Jacqueline and I are doing. We are having a blast. Also, I have updated the website with a “captcha” and the ALEXA twitter skill. So check it out.


We have implemented a program into our phones that should scare the hell out of auto dialers. Why? Because it’s going to waste a lot of their valuable time. In fact, they will be speaking to a fake version of D.J. Trump, and Hillary Clinton. So here’s how it works. When the phone detects a spam SMS or CALL… The good robot kicks in, and intercepts the call. The program triggers the spammers to think that they are actually talking to someone “real” and records the call. That call is then uploaded to a database for other users to enjoy the stupidity of the spammers. Did you lose control of your phone? You CAN get it back.

I am a firm believer that we live in the Matrix, so it’s up to humanity to protect ourself from these scammers. I have been devoting a lot of time exposing them. So do yourself a favor, and fight back. When you have your own radio show, music, and website.. These scammers come at you full force. So I have become an expert in dealing with them. Have you heard the latest crown cast? You should check it out. We are about to begin season 5. We have a lot to talk about.


Welcome to the first ever King Craig James briefing.

King Craig James has created a skill that will soon be available for you to download. So what does the skill do? Well, it’s rather simple. The skill allows the infamous A.I. to read the latest NEWS directly from King Craig James.Com.

So look for the “King Craig James News” skill that will be published ON or AROUND 4/20/2019. Thank you for your support. Have a great day.

Happy Tuesday

Hello everyone. I have had a very busy couple of weeks. I hope everyone had a chance to listen to the latest episodes of the “Crown Cast.” I had a lot of fun recording them. I am starting to promote the show, and I am getting very positive reviews. I am honored to have so many people out there engaging my content.

I have performed some updates to the website. I have provided links to the podcasts “Google Play” So if you’re a subscriber, be sure to check it out on Google Play. I have also made some changes to the layout of the website, and added some photos. I have also updated my LinkedIn, and Facebook pages. I apologize for anyone who sends me friend requests and I haven’t responded. Check out the last blog, I am not the kind of guy hunting likes, followers, and friends. I will respond to messages/calls though.

I am still working on the online store. I have tested the “sign in” process, and everything is secure and working great. I will start with a few song downloads, and go from there. It should be online by Black Friday. The store won’t be completely full until 2019.. I have to design some new products before I post them. I am still debating whether or not I will list some of the 3D prints for sale. They seem to be a favorite among my friends, and family. Either way, The King Craig James brand Is growing. Our presence is strong.

Speaking of brand. You will now find a “services” link under the “BRAND” navigation. So who is this for? Anyone who needs some professional help with their own projects. Can you afford it? Well.. Given my level of expertise, I won’t be helping out just anyone. My time is pretty valuable, so I usually offer services on a case by case basis privately. If you have a project that you’re taking seriously, I will certainly do the same. Contact me.

Well that’s all for now. I got more work to do. I will be heavily promoting the brand for the next few months. I will do my best to keep everything updated. Enjoy.


Well.. I took some time to update my GOOGLE+ profile’s “ABOUT” section with some links, phone numbers, and photos and such. I must say that… King Craig James is certainly a giant. Unlike those one hit wonder artists, this doesn’t exactly happen overnight. It’s not like I have a marketing team spamming the web for me. Although, I am sure companies like that exist. Ever wonder why your favorite artists fall off? Well, they don’t take the time to market themselves. Often, they get the instant fame, but no fortune.. Plus, a whole shit load of debt.. Ending their careers before they begin. What a mess.. A true artist, brand, and dream.. Follows their own path to success.

The only thing you’ll find empty is probably my social media accounts. I don’t do much of that. I never have, and I never will. So if you’re looking to follow me on twitter, or facebook.. Or even Google. Save yourself the trouble please. I lost interest soon after MYSPACE took a dive. I refuse to let social media define me, or my business. Same goes with YOUTUBE. Does that have an impact on KCJ? Probably not. When is the last time you did business with someone on twitter, facebook, or youtube? Exactly my point. Sorry to burst the egos of everyone out there with thousands of “followers and friends.” I do however, create links for them, because we live in this “facebook” official world. I keep it 100, just not on social media.

Just a quick glance on my website, or google plus will lead you to a tree of KCJ that branches out to many different locations throughout the web. Those, are just the major branches.. You will be humbled to discover that there’s many more smaller “branches” yet to be explored. Like many smaller music stores like Microsoft, Napster, and Beatport. I tend to focus on the stuff that I know people use frequently. So with that being said.. I am easy to find. It’s not always about who you know, but who knows you. It’s not about who you can find, it’s about who can find you. That’s one of the secrets to my success.. I am pretty much stationed in every country in the world, but I haven’t ever left the country. That’s why people follow me. That’s what I call.. being connected.

Success story

It’s not about what kind of clothes you wear, the car you drive, or what you own. Success is a state of mind. Success is a lifestyle. Success… is a choice. -King Craig James


My name floats around in a whole lot of places. People talk about a whole lot of things. I expect that. Why? Because I am a success story. Do I always look my best? Sound my best? Act the best? Hell no. However, the thing is.. I really don’t have to. Here are some of the things that may set us apart.

While you’re out there fearing failure. I embrace it. Think about how far you are truly willing to go to prevent failing before you actually accept it. Well, that’s a lot of wasted time in my book. Failing opens up the door to learning lessons in life. Sometimes you have to learn the easy way, sometimes the hard way. Either way, it’s all in a days work for someone successful.

Am I cocky? Narcissistic? You might think so. However, I would challenge that and say that I have a strong sense of self, and I am confident. I know who I am, and what my purpose is. I relentlessly pursue self exploration. I am always looking for opportunities to improve. Are you?

I think it’s fair to say that I like to challenge the status quo. Yeah, it’s true. I am not very fond of ridiculous rules. I am always up to tangle with conventional wisdom. I revolt at the very sign of mediocrity. Do you believe in the impossible? I do.


To get things done, you have to set goals. Do you let life get in the way of accomplishing your dreams? I sure don’t. My only choices are long term goals, and short term goals. Either way, I make sure to get them accomplished. To do this, you must put in work. A lot of work.

So how do I get goals accomplished anyways? Well.. You have to have a best friend. That best friend, is time. You have to make good use of time. Without it, you will surely fail. Which is ok.. Though, I find that managing time wisely helps me prevent unnecessary failures. What are you doing in your spare time? Are you building?

Negative Nancys.. Go away. Be gone. You have got to be optimistic. Sometimes, you just got to avoid those people who don’t believe anything will work out. I tend to stick to my gut, as well as people that see the glass as half full. After all, the glass is always half full. So if you’re a half full person.. Cheers. We should probably be friends.

Are you afraid of challenges? Don’t be. To be successful you need to welcome challenges. Let’s face it. Who has more challenges than King Craig James? For every aspect of my business that grows.. So do the challenges that come along with it. Are you crawling in a hole to avoid challenges? I am always ready for them.


Multi-tasking is one thing you “must learn how to do well”. Wrong. While it may be your worst nightmare, it’s because employers and educators force us to try to accomplish this. Science has proven that the human brain cannot successfully do multiple things at once. Especially to the same standard as if you focused on one at a time. Stay focused on one thing, and one goal, at a time. Don’t mistake this for being a renaissance man/woman.. A jack of all trades is a good thing to be.

If you ever wondered.. How do I be that guy? Then take what I just wrote, and roll with it. That’s my recipe for success.. While there’s many other things I could mention.. I wanted to narrow it down to a few critical traits that genuinely lead to success. You are now prepared for whatever the world has to throw at you. Expect a few curve balls.

Hands free

“Hey Siri, Play the King Craig James Crown cast”

“Hey Siri, Play a song by King Craig James”

“Alexa, Play the Crown cast on tune in”

“Alexa, Play a song by King Craig James”

“Hey Siri, Take me to KingCraigJames.Com”


When I first started recording music and branding the King Craig James empire. I never would have thought that a virtual assistant would be helping my friends, listeners, fans, and even myself find my work. In 2018, They are able to find my music, radio show, and website. So I am going to take a moment to celebrate those great achievements, and the many more to come.

I think it’s safe to say that when I first announced the possibility of Siri, and Alexa knowing how to find me.. Many of you out there probably assumed I was full of shit. That is, until you tried it for yourself. Some of you out there are probably still impressed by how many Google results are out there when you do a “King Craig James” search. However, I think the virtual assistants take it to a whole new level. A hands free level. A true game changer in the world of technology.

Technology is making access to music, radio, and tv easier than ever before. Nobody takes the time to thank all the developers that make this possible. That’s why I am writing this. I want to thank all of the people in the background who implemented this technology. I feel like humanity is truly making progress. Sure, our virtual assistants fail us from time to time.. Which makes a great viral video.. However, I am finding that 90 percent of the time.. They work perfectly.

Whether or not your a fan of my blogs, music, radio show, merchandise, app, or website. There is nothing better then knowing someone who is actually stationed in the cloud, handled by ai, and ready to be delivered to you. So if you’re wondering why “King” is at the beginning of my name, and how I have fans all around the world. They respect what I have done, and I have earned that title. Through dedication, hard work, and the help from those that are closest to me.

Kcj (Podcast)

Let’s face it. The word’s blog & podcast need some reinvention. I have teamed up with JaQwaylynn (my co-host) to discuss a wide variety of topics. The topics are derived from “What’s new” “Common Situations” “Money & Business” and “FUN”. While the subjects may change, they will be the main focus of the first season.

King Craig James is taking the world by storm with powerful music, articles, and now internet radio. So what can a podcast offer that music and writing can’t?

Well.. You’ll just have to listen for yourself. Expect the unexpected. No holds barred entertainment. Will you be offended? Probably.

Where’s it all going? I am pleased to announce that the “podcasts” will be updated regularly. Yes, eventually stream on Amazon, and Apple. Stay tuned for more info. Check out episodes 1-4 here.

Meaning of life

A wise man once said to me. It’s not what you have, it’s what you DO with what you HAVE.


It’s not about what you say, it’s about what OTHERS say about you. So I have a few testimonials that describe the kind of guy that most of you never get to see. The real me. I also want to give everyone out there a chance to try Amazon Prime. So enjoy.

Every now and then when I am going through my things I come across stuff like this. Things like this really make me smile. I just about guarantee people who hear one instant of my music, or take one glance at my image, or life never get to see a part of me that truly matters the most. Whether it’s being a substitute dad, helping abused women, or just standing up to a bully.

Some of you out there, and you know who you are give me that God awful smirk when they see “King” stamped on my brand. That God awful smirk of disbelief represents your lack of insight into who I really am, and what I really stand for. That’s why I will smile back. In my heart, I know that the ones who know me in depth, appreciate who I am, and what I do. I can live with that.

While you might be thinking.. “Who’s this gun slinging gang banger rapping about stupid shit?” People seldom think that perhaps he’s the one who might save your life someday when subjected to an active shooter. You should consider looking at the ignorant person who isn’t helping others, or impacting other peoples lives in a positive way. Yeah, that’s you. But hey, I am not here to brag or boast, or guilt trip anyone. I just found a few things laying around that really remind me of who I am. That’s what this website is all about. I would post it on my facebook but I guess it was just hacked again so.

I have many more things to share, but I just want to keep it simple and inspire someone out there to be humble, generous, and help those in need. Speaking of.. Did you know there’s an Amazon Prime discount available for EBT and MEDICAID card holders? Click on the image for details. See… That’s exactly what I am talking about. Until next time. Stay tuned.


Alexa… Play “Be my queen” by King Craig James

Yeah, that works. However, this isn’t about my music. I wanted to share how I have transformed into a full blooded amazonian in the course of the past year. Not just as an employee, but a customer as well. When I first took a position at Amazon. I didn’t know much about it. I had no idea what I was getting into. In fact, some of the reviews from previous employees on glass door almost scared me away completely.. Then again, so did the reviews from some employees from the other tech companies. One thing was for sure. I was inspired by the owner, Jeff Bezos. I feel like we have the same mind set. Especially in business. So, I dove in head first. To see for myself.


In my opinion, this culture (as an employee) may not be fit for everyone. In fact, it’s one of the toughest positions I have ever had. You’re expected to work hard, fast, and accurately. This is one company that will push you to your limits, and beyond. Nevertheless, I keep coming back on my scheduled shifts. For the most part.. So does everyone else. Why? We get great pay, benefits, and opportunities that other companies simply don’t have. For example.. If I have a bad day.. I have time allowed to just leave (as frustrated as I might be) to go cool off, and come back the next day a happy camper. We also get stocks, and great health insurance, lawyers, and even pet insurance. Plus many other small perks that make it all worth while. Things that I cant yet achieve as a small business owner..


I am finding myself doing less and less shopping at the typical retail stores.. Why would I? Everything I order at Amazon comes to me.. With that being said.. Let’s just say.. Alexa knows me, and I pretty much own every version of the infamous “Alexa” enabled device known to man. I also sign up to be the first to get the new ones.. I used to be a fan of Siri, until Alexa came along. It’s a pretty amazing feeling to have a computer voice know who I am as a musician, and just automatically start playing the music I work so hard to create. The way it blends in with my daily life has really made my quality of life better, more high tech, and convenient.

So if you’re wondering why I set my self aside for a while…. it’s because I have been transforming into an Alexa enabled Amazonian. Don’t worry though. I haven’t forgot who I am, or stopped what I am doing.. I am just evolving. I am glad to be back, and writing again. Who knows.. I may or may not be working on some new music…. .. Stay tuned.