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Pest Scam

Well.. It’s that time of year. The weather is warmer.. Our windows are open.. So you know what that means? It’s time… For a pest control scam… Are you ready? Let’s begin..

Do you have any idea how easy it is to prevent pests? I just don’t understand why landlords try to play this “money skimming” pest control game with its tenants. Wait.. What? Yeah.. You know.. They come in early in the morning with some bugs in their hand… Distract you.. Plant a few around your apartment.. Take a few photos.. Then make YOU feel dirty.. It’s all. for the lovely game of MONEY.. So.. Dont worry. You are probably clean, and you’re not “Crazy”. They are probably just taking advantage of you. So.. How does this scam work?


Your landlord hires two (unlicensed) or unqualified JOES to come “inspect” your unit.. These clowns come in with a hand full of bugs they dig up from other parts of the property… They will surely act as if they find them in yours.. That’s when you get that call from the landlord.. Your landlord begins to tell you that it must of been something YOU have done. OK.. So it’s not you.. It’s YOUR DIRTY NEIGHBOR.. Sound familiar?? Also.. Not to worry..“They are the good guys” and they will “pay for the treatments” but under one condition.. “As long as the pests don’t come back” and if they do.. YOU… The tenant is obligated to pay for all FUTURE “pest services”. Can you believe that? However there’s a few catches… If you “refuse to let them in” you get charged for that anyways.. Also, “You cant use your own service or methods” and finally… You WONT stop the pests because the “PEST CONTROL” are the ones leaving them in your unit.. So how do I know all this? Well.. I am smart. I have had a few slumlords in my time. This is a major RED FLAG and you should handle it as soon as possible.. How?

So what can you do about it? Well.. First.. You must catch them in the act.. Yeah, it’s easier then you think. Invest in some security cameras… Who knows.. You might even catch them illegally entering your unit without notice.. Whether “catch them” or not.. you have plenty of options..


You can consult the Department of Human Services.. Why? Because your landlord is failing to provide a safe/secure/clean environment for you. As a tenant.. You have that right.. Also.. The landlord is MOST LIKELY liable to pay for your housing and moving expenses in the event the building gets quarantined.. Since you have the proof.. Use it. Second of all.. Consult a lawyer.. You may have more rights then you realize.. While this depends on your particular state.. Wisconsin acknowledges most forms of “Government Intervention”. I think it’s best to have this documented as much as possible.. What else can you do? Well.. Take care of it yourself.. If you’re uncomfortable with bugs.. Get some ORTHO HOME DEFENSE.. and some “ANT/ROACH” traps from amazon. You will probably never see a bug again. Unless of course.. Pest Control brings them in..

Now bear in mind.. Your landlord will tell you everything in the world to keep this scam going. Be advised, Be smart, and most importantly.. Be informed.. Don’t just stop paying rent. Don’t let swindling slum lords take advantage of you with threats, retaliation, extra fees, and STEAL hard earned money from YOU. Do your research, read reviews, and get copies of evidence they do this to other people. Most importantly.. Do yourself a favor.. Avoid these swindling slum lords.. It will save you a lot of trouble in the long run. We will talk MORE about it on our RADIO SHOW “CROWN CAST” in a future episode.