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St. Patricks Day

I know some of you are starting this one early.. So I want to say it while you’re still with me. I am not a huge fan of drinking beer, wine, or liquor.. I think most people know that about me. However, I am a big fan of IRELAND, and of course.. The Fighting Irish. The feast of St. Patrick is a cultural and religious celebration. In Milwaukee, Wisconsin… Well.. I have always thought of it as more of an occasion to drink. So if that’s what you do.. Have yourself a drink. While I may not enjoy drinking, I do enjoy putting up a fight. I think if something is worth fighting for.. You should definitely fight for it. That’s what I do.

I must say.. I could use some of the luck of the Irish right now. I can’t help but notice key people in my life are really pissing me off lately.

When I block one, another starts.. When I block that one, another starts up.. What’s with this never ending cycle of bullshit? It’s like a relay race and people keep passing a baton around to come and bash the fuck out of me and Jacqueline with it..

Are YOU one of them? Shame on you. Fool me again? Shame on me. You would think I would block enough people to run out of them.. Though.. When you connect with as many people as I do… That’s not exactly possible. I guess the radio, blogs, and music pack a lot of power. Power that I do my best NOT to abuse. Sometimes I really have to bite my tongue about stuff. I have to erase blogs I really want the world to read.. Oh well.. I can always talk about current issues on the “Crown Cast” with J-Quay.


I definetly got people all over the place looking out for me.. Have you seen them? Really good people, doing really good things. So when I come across the bad ones.. I need to remind myself that there’s nothing I can do about people, and their stupidity… and leave it alone… let it be. I am not trying to be some kind of whistleblower, but this world needs a lot of work. People who try to pull a fast one on me.. Always get caught up in their own lies.. People are nosey.. Especially those that aren’t in your inner circle.. I see it a lot. Here’s the deal.. When you’re trained to detect body language.. You can’t be untrained. So I guess I look at things in a whole different way then most people. I can take a look at someone and indicate who’s lying.. I can see who’s plotting.. I have the same knowledge and training that saves the lives of many soldiers and law enforcement. I think it’s because of this.. I take it really personally when people bullshit their way around me. I take it personal when I see shady shit.


I guess that’s why I DONT drink. Hell, I don’t even smoke weed, dab, or whatever they do with THC now days. I got nothing in common with those who do. Sorry if that bursts a few bubbles out there.

I HAVE a clear mind. I need a clear mind. I can’t say the same for many others. I have learned that making GOOD decisions is often HARDER than making BAD decisions. Trust your instincts. They never lie.

That’s what make’s me who I am. I may be walking in a world with 3 leaf clovers right now.. but I do know one thing.. That 4 leaf clover is right around the corner.. I call that.. The luck of the Irish. Have a Safe and Happy St. Patricks Day… Even if yours starts early..