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Mr. Roboto

I know you

Love that new iPhone, or Samsung fold. However, I want you to put it down, stop answering it, and listen close. For I have a fun fact for you. A new report was just released that “Robocalls” are up 58 percent from last year. What is a robo call? Well.. They are far more dangerous than you might realize. I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but I have another fun fact. Did you know that by 2020… HALF of all CELL phone calls will be from “Robocalls” and on the other end will most likely be scammers. What’s even worse… Is that one “YES” can cost you a lot of money. How? I will explain.


Experts (like me)

Are now advising you NOT to answer. Sure, it may be fun to mess with them.. You might think that a harmless reverse prank is just innocent fun right? Wrong. First of all.. The moment you answer, they know that you have a “live number” and you will be flooded with even more calls. Second.. Even if they trick you into saying “YES” about anything… The voice recording could be used and manipulated to bind you to a contract, or agreement.. That you might not even know exists. How can they do that? Well.. It’s really simple. Voice editing is very simple, and easy to do with software that’s readily available. In other words, they can manipulate your “YES” to do virtually whatever they want. Say… Sign you up for a “fake credit card” or “fake health insurance” and even hold you legally responsible for the damages.


Who is responsible?

The short answer YOU.. and the FCC. Perhaps even the businesses you do business with. Check out the “Communication” part of their service agreement. Yeah, it’s usually buried somewhere in the middle of the paperwork. The sad part is this.. They usually have a clause in the agreement that in order to opt out you must mail them at some PO BOX via snail mail.. What a bunch of nonsense. I am not sure why Americans, and the rest of the world have ALLOWED this CRAP for so long.. Is this what the world is going to be like when AI takes over? I mean really? We should be carefully thinking about the direction we are headed. Why? Because we are slowly losing everything because of it.

I want to be very clear about this. NO, the IRS isn’t filing a lawsuit against you. NO, You probably don’t owe that debt. No, You DONT want a FREE vacation. No, and I mean please say “NO” if someone asks if you can “hear them” and it sounds like a robot. YES… Keep track of every single call.. Even if it’s like 6,000 of them. For you still can file a lawsuit (and win) against companies that are scamming ALL of US. But hey, don’t take it for me… I have had my business bank account stripped of several thousand dollars in just one day. I have been sued because of accidentally falling victim to scams like this. My credit report is a disaster because it all happened behind my back. People see my presence online and try to scam me by any means necessary. Take it from someone (me) who’s composing a lot of letters, to a lot of people, and winning his own freedom back.

Take this advice from me, and use it to protect YOU. Let’s wage a war against Mr. Roboto.