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Well.. I took some time to update my GOOGLE+ profile’s “ABOUT” section with some links, phone numbers, and photos and such. I must say that… King Craig James is certainly a giant. Unlike those one hit wonder artists, this doesn’t exactly happen overnight. It’s not like I have a marketing team spamming the web for me. Although, I am sure companies like that exist. Ever wonder why your favorite artists fall off? Well, they don’t take the time to market themselves. Often, they get the instant fame, but no fortune.. Plus, a whole shit load of debt.. Ending their careers before they begin. What a mess.. A true artist, brand, and dream.. Follows their own path to success.

The only thing you’ll find empty is probably my social media accounts. I don’t do much of that. I never have, and I never will. So if you’re looking to follow me on twitter, or facebook.. Or even Google. Save yourself the trouble please. I lost interest soon after MYSPACE took a dive. I refuse to let social media define me, or my business. Same goes with YOUTUBE. Does that have an impact on KCJ? Probably not. When is the last time you did business with someone on twitter, facebook, or youtube? Exactly my point. Sorry to burst the egos of everyone out there with thousands of “followers and friends.” I do however, create links for them, because we live in this “facebook” official world. I keep it 100, just not on social media.

Just a quick glance on my website, or google plus will lead you to a tree of KCJ that branches out to many different locations throughout the web. Those, are just the major branches.. You will be humbled to discover that there’s many more smaller “branches” yet to be explored. Like many smaller music stores like Microsoft, Napster, and Beatport. I tend to focus on the stuff that I know people use frequently. So with that being said.. I am easy to find. It’s not always about who you know, but who knows you. It’s not about who you can find, it’s about who can find you. That’s one of the secrets to my success.. I am pretty much stationed in every country in the world, but I haven’t ever left the country. That’s why people follow me. That’s what I call.. being connected.