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Back 2 the blacklist

I found my way back to the internet’s blacklist. I had a nice few days run.. However, it only takes a few local hackers to ensure that I am NOT being discovered, heard, liked, or followed online. Do I care? No. I enjoy unplugging them, and watching them scramble to “Do their job” and keep me on the “blacklist” In fact, I am starting to record them doing it. I am also inviting others over to watch the show. When people see it, they are amazed at how far people will go to stop me. I am used to it. This is nothing new to me.

Sad but true. So what do I mean by this? Well.. The perpetrators begin by hijacking my router, network, computer, phones, connections, etc.. Then.. everything I post gets put on the “backside” of the internet so it can be filtered or removed before anyone ever sees it. That way.. I can never grow my fan base, release “new” content, or have an opinion heard about… Well.. anything. Why? Censorship. I find it annoying. Don’t worry. I will be back shortly. Soon as I find a way around these clowns.

The question is.. Are they doing it to you? Yeah.. Probably.. Just unplug your devices for a while, take the batteries out, or take a nice long drive. You will catch on to the patterns pretty quickly. You will soon discover that nobody is actually commenting, liking, subscribing, calling, texting, or anything… Because nobody is actually even aware that you are uploading, posting, calling, texting, emailing, etc.. That is when you will realize how dumb, and pointless every single device you own truly is.. They aren’t YOURS at all. Read the fine print. I dare you. Anyways.. I must go.. I have more important things to do. So long.. Until next time.