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Chef KCJ
Spegetti meatballs and spicy jardinara

I made it obvious in my last blog that Friday’s are usually my favorite day of work. I must say that my favorite off night is Saturday… I was told by nearly all of my ex girlfriends that “any woman would fall in love with me as soon as they taste my cooking.” I would probably have to agree with that. If my music doesn’t sell them, my looks, my smell, my merchandise, my humor, my delicious Italian food certainly will. Pick out your favorite restaurant, and I will top it.

Saturday is my favorite night because I get plenty of rest, and then wake up and make the best meal of the week. Usually a home made pizza, spaghetti, or chicken Alfredo. I am one of those people that believes in using the right blend of spices. I think that’s the key to making such a good dish. A dish that makes the whole week worth it. Every bite is something different, it will make you feel safe, and that cloudy feeling in your brain will disappear. Its food for the soul. Sorry, I am not on here to reveal my secret recipes.


Heres the deal. I don’t buy anything with lite, sugar free, less fat, low sodium, or any of that bullshit marketers use to sell “healthy products”. I often joke when i’m at the supermarket that I want the fat, sugar, gluten, and such included. So if you believe you are intolerant of these things.. Perhaps you’re not my match. I am definitely more of an old school chef. However, I only put my meals together once a week.

So people always ask me, “What’s your secret to being you?” My answer is simple. We are what we eat. I just happen to eat well. This 265 lbs doesn’t happen over night. I am ok with my weight, my looks, and myself. I think it’s sad that many people pick out their flaws and dwell on them. You are beautiful, but just think about what you’re putting into your body. After all, beauty comes from within.. So think twice about eating spaghetti o’s when you could have a family size portion of real Italian spaghetti and meatballs that will make you shine. If I can’t seal the deal with my talents, perhaps you should come over for dinner.