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Radio Waves

You are probably starting to notice that this website is updated very, very often. Unlike the competition (none), we take great pride in our brand. I have some exciting news. Particularly for ANDROID users. We have opened up some new doors in the matrix. Just for YOU.

The radio button is growing. If you tap/hover over “RADIO” on the top of the website, you will find the podcast in new places. Castbox, Stitcher, Pocket Casts, and Player FM. King Craig James is taking over the radio waves. In other words, KCJ has just DOUBLED the available places to listen to the podcasts. Which is great, because our listeners LOVE them.

So what does this mean? Well, King Craig James is branching out, and expanding to new avenues. Reaching out to new potential listeners. Increasing our availability. Why do we do this? Well, it’s quite simple. Everyone has different devices, and tastes for apps. The King Craig James brand wants to be available just about everywhere. Just like the music. We do it for YOU.


I have my personal favorites. I tend to use Amazon music, and Tunein. As they are directly linked up with my Alexa enabled devices and prime account. However, I am aware that everyone consumes media in different ways. So, if you have any of those apps on your phone or tablet. I encourage you to check out the “Crown Cast” as it’s the latest branch of the King Craig James brand. Please like and subscribe as the podcast is on fire. We update it weekly.

King Craig James is becoming a dominating force in music, radio, merchandise, 3D, and design. We are proud to have you aboard. We will continue to shine, and bring you the greatest content available. That’s the latest news. Check back often for more!