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Color Coded

Happy Wednesday August 28th. I just wanted to drop a quick update to the Crown Cast Universe. I have decided to perform some changes to the King Craig James website. So if you see a few things glitching out for the next few weeks.. That would be why. So what am I changing? Well.. A few things.

I am testing out a few new looks, colors, styles, etc.. I have started on the BLOG… Have you noticed? The font is bigger, bolder, and much easier to read on a mobile device. Many of the pages now have a whiter look to them.. I guess I am tired of all the darkness. Expect September to be a BIG month for King Craig James.

We are expected to finish out season 5 of the CROWN CAST podcast. I will be working on the YOUTUBE. Posting UPDATES to GOOGLE, TWITTER, and so much more. So stay tuned.