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Bristlecone D-Waves

Why do I write blogs? Do people actually read these things? Who knows. Who cares. Deep thoughts begin now. What if I told you that everything you know is a lie? In fact, that line was never even spoken in a movie? Would you believe me? or Would you say… That’s in the matrix.. Ha. Prove it. I will buy you a cheeseburger.

Am I experiencing a real life military style psychological operation? Has another persons psycho-tramatic experiences, and assumptions infected my brain? A psy-op? Yeah, I said it. Kind of like a black-op.. Using advanced technologies to fuck with us? Yeah. I know what’s possible. Idk.. You would have to really do some convincing to convince me otherwise at this point. How ridiculous does it get? Am I going to be that guy on the side of the road mumbling to myself, and pushing an empty shopping cart around with my stuff in it? If so, let’s please get it over with. This is really starting to bore me. Perhaps ill get my foil helmet ready.

I am not interested in it, or impressed with it. Whatever it is. I am sitting in one of my best friends basement writing unpublished blogs on what lead me here. I am actually placing my own ideas into psychiatric categories and everything… Yeah, from a Doctors perspective.. The problem with it all, is that I am not experiencing it all alone.. The ones around me see the ridiculousness as well.. So how can two, or three people… see the same hallucination without even taking a drug? Good question.. Probably the same way that many of people have “False Memories” in the “Mandela Affect” community. Got tinnitus? I hope not.


Yep. Keep fucking with that hadron collider cern… and keep fucking with those quantum super computers Google.. Reality as we know it… Is becoming pretty un-fucking-believable at this point. One stop on Twitter makes that pretty clear. So are you losing your mind? Probably not. Does it feel like you are? Probably so. Should I be talking about any of this? Definitely not. I should probably just keep my knowledge to myself, and shut the fuck up. However, whoever is running the matrix hardware just keeps on fucking with Jacqueline and I… and we’re really getting tired of it. So should we take the red pill, or the blue pill? #Matrix… and my answer is neither.

If you have no idea what I am talking about.. That’s fine. You are welcome to do the hours of research it takes, and find all the patents, and possibilities, and scientific theories out there. I don’t expect people to understand unless it’s actually happening or happened to them personally. I am tired of blogging about it, and letting it take over my radio show, and live streams. I have more important things to talk about… Than.. People.. possibly fucking with the very fabric of our own realities… Ok so maybe not, but I know I am getting flagged for speaking too much. I just want my base reality, and original life back at this point, so I can go from there. Unfortunately, that doesn’t seem possible anymore. So will this be the end of my ranting? Probably not.