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Kcj (Podcast)

Let’s face it. The word’s blog & podcast need some reinvention. I have teamed up with JaQwaylynn (my co-host) to discuss a wide variety of topics. The topics are derived from “What’s new” “Common Situations” “Money & Business” and “FUN”. While the subjects may change, they will be the main focus of the first season.

King Craig James is taking the world by storm with powerful music, articles, and now internet radio. So what can a podcast offer that music and writing can’t?

Well.. You’ll just have to listen for yourself. Expect the unexpected. No holds barred entertainment. Will you be offended? Probably.

Where’s it all going? I am pleased to announce that the “podcasts” will be updated regularly. Yes, eventually stream on Amazon, and Apple. Stay tuned for more info. Check out episodes 1-4 here.