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People always tell me.. “Wow, you must have quite a resume” and my response is.. Yeah, I sure do. In this blog, I want to expose my resume to the world. To show you what you’re up against.


Is he full of himself? Yeah, of course. Like I always say, “If you were me, you would be too.” After all, just read it (if you can) the one thing you WONT find is someone who is full of shit. Which is what most resume’s are to begin with so.. Honesty is the best policy.

Dont mind the black lines, I crossed out some personal info so my super fans can’t track me down and knock on my door every 10 minutes. Yeah, it’s happened before.

So.. Why am I busting out the resume anyways? Well, if you haven’t heard the “crown cast” then I want to confirm the rumor that I (along with most of Europe) walked out on Amazon and their inhuman practices. Don’t worry, you still have time to on cyber Monday.


Unless of course, you like to endure torture, and agony. I am not that big of a fan of being ripped off, written up, and scammed to death. I decided to take my business elsewhere. Don’t worry Amazon. I am still a happy customer, and Alexa user. I even still run ADS on my website. I guess you could say I am just not a fan of the culture.

So who’s going to be the lucky company to hire me? Well.. I am eyeing up some really great companies.. So I went out of my way to enhance the resume, and be an incredible asset to a better organization. I am expecting plenty of calls, and offers because I know what I am worth. I just want to make sure I land something more in sync with my own culture and beliefs this time. I will not be in a hurry, because my brand is sustainable enough to pay the rent, and the bills.

This ship has sailed. I just want to say goodbye to some of my co-workers, and friends suffering at the FC. I will miss you and I encourage you to reach out to me on FB, LinkedIn, and anywhere else you find King Craig James. I will welcome you with open arms. I hope we meet again, and if not. Just know that my fight is over. I am no longer interested in being subjected to the FC and it’s tyranny.