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A special treat

Is King Craig James working on a new album?

Let’s just say that this is so new that it’s not even titled.. Have you heard it? Click play..

While the above beat may not be final, or ever make it onto my album.. I just want to be clear that I am still recording, and I want to squash any rumors that say otherwise.. So, I figured showing you something unfinished would be the perfect way to do it. Will it end up in stores? Yeah..

Q: But.. Craig.. What if someone steals it?

A: My answer to you is.. Good luck with that.

I have no idea what I am going to say on the track just yet.. However, I do have some ideas. Unlike some of my older songs, I tend to take my lyrics a little more seriously now days. I have a young nephew now who finds my music and likes to repeat them. I also found out that sometimes they have a way of becoming truth somehow or another. So I guess we’ll see.

My biggest issue right now is finding the time to record. A lot of things keep me busy in life. I am just trying to prioritize everything right now. When I do finish the track I will post it as a FREE download.. Right here.. How does that sound?

I am an Amazon associate.. So I have decided to run some ad campaigns on the website.. I hand pick the ads based on some of my favorite deals and products.. After all.. I am just like everyone else.. I am not a big fan of useless advertising. I will definitely keep them short and sweet. Stay tuned.