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Queen of Hearts

When one artist meets another. Especially, when one inspires the other. It’s truly a life changing experience. The feelings come about as if you’re falling in love. As an artist, you never truly can predict who will inspire you, and when you’ll be inspired. For all you know, it could be that person sitting right next to you. That pretty much sums up my week. I met someone that I truly can’t stop listening to, or get out of my mind. So, I figured.. I would write about it.

I am truly in the fast lane. A lot of things keep changing in my life. My soul, my style, my influences, and my passions. One thing remains the same. I love music. I am starting to discover that there’s no such thing as a “good” job. I am pretty sick of working hard for almost nothing in return. I am tired of being seen as the “new guy” and getting shit on. However, the people you’re surrounded by.. Can truly make all the difference. In that aspect, I am right where I am supposed to be. For all I know, that will be the subject of the next song I am in.


Without going into too much detail.. I met someone really special. I am really looking forward to seeing what our future brings. I hope someday she becomes part of team KCJ. She would be such an incredible asset to the business, brand, and music. I am trying really hard to keep it hush, but this girl really has a lot of talent. So much so, that even I had a hard time approaching her about the music. I feel like I have known her my whole life, but when I get to spend some time with her. I will feel a lot more comfortable introducing her to all of you. I am doing my best to take it easy.. All I can say, is she’s definitely my newest friend, and fellow musical artist.


I guess I cant help but feel so thrilled, excited, and overwhelmed with joy. If you were in my shoes, you would too. For the first time in a long long time.. I am finding it really hard to get things done. I swear it feels like I am already planning future projects with her. lol.. Speaking of.. I hope I get a chance to have her as a special guest on the crown cast, and perhaps in some of my upcoming songs. No promises just yet, we’re still just getting to know each other. So that’s the latest news on KCJ. I hope everyone had a wonderful, and productive week. Tune into the crown cast this Monday.

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When you build a brand. You examine your image closely. I am (personally) not big on Spotify. I don’t really promote my Spotify in any way shape or form. I do think that it’s great that my music is available there.

When it comes to sales, it seems like Spotify doesn’t exactly produce results in comparison to the other streaming services. So I never really took it very seriously. So I decided to merge it with my “listener” account and find out why.

I couldn’t help but notice that my page was missing that “spark” other artists have on theirs. I attempted to fix it in the past, and I often came up short. Well… That is.. Until now. I have decided to perform a much needed update to my Spotify that I would like to share with you. Check it out.

The changes are more noticeable on the MAC and PC versions of Spotify but I am assuming they will be reflected on the APP as well. The changes I have made produce more authenticity to the listeners. As before, it just seemed like a “default” page for an artist.

I think people tend to forget that writing, recording, and producing music are only part of the battle. Once the music is created, you need to market it, sell it, and promote it.

If the artist has the support of a major label, they are certainly paying all these people to do this for them. Which usually results in heavy debts on the artist. Debts that they never usually overcome. The music industry is changing. It’s possible for.a musician to literally DIY. As long as you have the skills, knowledge, patience, and drive.

How it feels

I am often asked “How does it feel to be in major music outlets like Apple Music, Amazon music, Google Play, Spotify, Pandora, and more”.

The short answer is… Great. I love how technology has made my music accessible to everyone. I never would of guessed I would of accomplished so many goals in my life thus far.


The in depth answer is. However, I have mixed feelings about it. I feel like people are quick to stereotype me, and judge me, and form opinions before they know anything even remotely factual about me. Other than that, I think it’s very rewarding to have an influence on people. I think in some ways it can earn a lot of respect instantly, or lose respect based on peoples taste. I think people forget that it’s entertainment.

The skills it takes to produce a song can only be compared to inventing something then being able to do surgery on it. The possibilities of audio creation are endless. Music has helped open my mind, increased my abilities, and intelligence to a level that could put a college grad to shame. That holds true whether you’re a fan, or a hater.

The more I study audio, the more interesting it becomes. Did you know that sound frequencies can actually form visual patterns? Check out cymatic videos. Compare that to some of the symbols on Egyptian pyramids. Yeah, it will get you thinking. If that’s not enough check out an article or two about 432hz. You’ll be blown away.

All in all I couldn’t imagine what life would be like without my shadow image in stores all across the world. I have earned a reputation, credibility, respect, and have quite a presence. Whether they like me or not. Well, that’s up to them to decide. I will have a lot more to come, and I certainly will change my tune from time to time.