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Advice: Avoid Distractions

Wouldn’t it be great if life had a reset button? I wonder how many times the average person would press it if there was one. What if you could ask for an Angel? Listen, I have stuff happening all around me (all the time) that I wish I could do more about but I cant. I will spare you the trouble of getting specific but I have a solution. A really good solution.


It’s easy to get distracted by other people and their problems, but my advice is just to stay focused on your own. Being a superhero is great and all, but it’s not healthy to try to help everyone around you solve every little problem they have. Eventually, This will leave you unable to solve your own problems. Chances are that your life will come crashing down just like theirs. The ones you spent all your time rescuing, won’t be there to rescue you when shit happens. So stay true to yourself, don't try to be a superhero.

When you focus on you, you will be surprised what kind of circumstances you can actually handle. You won’t allow others to disappoint you. We all have this desire for a “security blanket” in our lives. Whether it’s a friend, a possession, money. Our security blanket is our “go to” when we need it right? People can be bad investments and won’t always return the favor. I learned this the hard way, and I have to learn from my own lesson on this one.

I don’t have enough limbs to count how many times I have let people drag me down. It’s not always easy being a good person. People WILL take advantage of you from all angles. Be a fighter, don’t allow it anymore. Fight for you. Nobody will fight that fight for you. In a perfect world, everyone would look out for each other. However, rarely is this the case. Remember that. Learn from my mistakes, and learn from me. For I will always be someones security blanket.