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Alexa… Play “Be my queen” by King Craig James

Yeah, that works. However, this isn’t about my music. I wanted to share how I have transformed into a full blooded amazonian in the course of the past year. Not just as an employee, but a customer as well. When I first took a position at Amazon. I didn’t know much about it. I had no idea what I was getting into. In fact, some of the reviews from previous employees on glass door almost scared me away completely.. Then again, so did the reviews from some employees from the other tech companies. One thing was for sure. I was inspired by the owner, Jeff Bezos. I feel like we have the same mind set. Especially in business. So, I dove in head first. To see for myself.


In my opinion, this culture (as an employee) may not be fit for everyone. In fact, it’s one of the toughest positions I have ever had. You’re expected to work hard, fast, and accurately. This is one company that will push you to your limits, and beyond. Nevertheless, I keep coming back on my scheduled shifts. For the most part.. So does everyone else. Why? We get great pay, benefits, and opportunities that other companies simply don’t have. For example.. If I have a bad day.. I have time allowed to just leave (as frustrated as I might be) to go cool off, and come back the next day a happy camper. We also get stocks, and great health insurance, lawyers, and even pet insurance. Plus many other small perks that make it all worth while. Things that I cant yet achieve as a small business owner..


I am finding myself doing less and less shopping at the typical retail stores.. Why would I? Everything I order at Amazon comes to me.. With that being said.. Let’s just say.. Alexa knows me, and I pretty much own every version of the infamous “Alexa” enabled device known to man. I also sign up to be the first to get the new ones.. I used to be a fan of Siri, until Alexa came along. It’s a pretty amazing feeling to have a computer voice know who I am as a musician, and just automatically start playing the music I work so hard to create. The way it blends in with my daily life has really made my quality of life better, more high tech, and convenient.

So if you’re wondering why I set my self aside for a while…. it’s because I have been transforming into an Alexa enabled Amazonian. Don’t worry though. I haven’t forgot who I am, or stopped what I am doing.. I am just evolving. I am glad to be back, and writing again. Who knows.. I may or may not be working on some new music…. .. Stay tuned.