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Welcome to the first ever King Craig James briefing.

King Craig James has created a skill that will soon be available for you to download. So what does the skill do? Well, it’s rather simple. The skill allows the infamous A.I. to read the latest NEWS directly from King Craig James.Com.

So look for the “King Craig James News” skill that will be published ON or AROUND 4/20/2019. Thank you for your support. Have a great day.

Hands free

“Hey Siri, Play the King Craig James Crown cast”

“Hey Siri, Play a song by King Craig James”

“Alexa, Play the Crown cast on tune in”

“Alexa, Play a song by King Craig James”

“Hey Siri, Take me to KingCraigJames.Com”


When I first started recording music and branding the King Craig James empire. I never would have thought that a virtual assistant would be helping my friends, listeners, fans, and even myself find my work. In 2018, They are able to find my music, radio show, and website. So I am going to take a moment to celebrate those great achievements, and the many more to come.

I think it’s safe to say that when I first announced the possibility of Siri, and Alexa knowing how to find me.. Many of you out there probably assumed I was full of shit. That is, until you tried it for yourself. Some of you out there are probably still impressed by how many Google results are out there when you do a “King Craig James” search. However, I think the virtual assistants take it to a whole new level. A hands free level. A true game changer in the world of technology.

Technology is making access to music, radio, and tv easier than ever before. Nobody takes the time to thank all the developers that make this possible. That’s why I am writing this. I want to thank all of the people in the background who implemented this technology. I feel like humanity is truly making progress. Sure, our virtual assistants fail us from time to time.. Which makes a great viral video.. However, I am finding that 90 percent of the time.. They work perfectly.

Whether or not your a fan of my blogs, music, radio show, merchandise, app, or website. There is nothing better then knowing someone who is actually stationed in the cloud, handled by ai, and ready to be delivered to you. So if you’re wondering why “King” is at the beginning of my name, and how I have fans all around the world. They respect what I have done, and I have earned that title. Through dedication, hard work, and the help from those that are closest to me.

Real Simple Syndication

If you don’t know by now. King Craig James has it’s own way of doing things. Whether its music, blogs, podcasts, merchandise, and 3d. The brand is constantly growing. We have some exciting news.


After recording the 10th episode of the “podcast” I have decided that the show will DEFINITELY continue.

In fact, I am pleased to announce that the “podcast” will be available on APPLE, ALEXA, and TUNEIN later this week. The show has been submitted, and we are literally waiting for it to arrive. Until then, please subscribe using these links below.

The schedule is TBD, but I have been tossing around the idea of releasing them every Monday. Perhaps that can brighten up everyones work week just a little.

You can subscribe using apps like “TuneIn” “Feedly” or “Newsify”. If you have an Apple device, it should automatically load under the “Podcast” area of iTunes.


So who is Jacqueline? She’s my co-host, co-worker, and just about co-everything. I met her in October of 2017, and later discovered that she was one of the most unique people I have ever met. She’s a polish eskimo. A huge contribution to the the podcast. She’s one amazing co-host.

As far as podcasting goes. I have had the idea floating around for a while. I was surprised to discover that Jacqueline wanted to help out, and be a part of it. Shortly after that, episode 1 was recorded. We have since then recorded 10 episodes. We are now beginning season 2.

Have you heard it? If you haven’t heard the “podcast” I suggest you have a listen ASAP. We have a lot of fun doing them, and we are certain you will have a lot of fun tuning in. Check them out HERE.


Alexa… Play “Be my queen” by King Craig James

Yeah, that works. However, this isn’t about my music. I wanted to share how I have transformed into a full blooded amazonian in the course of the past year. Not just as an employee, but a customer as well. When I first took a position at Amazon. I didn’t know much about it. I had no idea what I was getting into. In fact, some of the reviews from previous employees on glass door almost scared me away completely.. Then again, so did the reviews from some employees from the other tech companies. One thing was for sure. I was inspired by the owner, Jeff Bezos. I feel like we have the same mind set. Especially in business. So, I dove in head first. To see for myself.


In my opinion, this culture (as an employee) may not be fit for everyone. In fact, it’s one of the toughest positions I have ever had. You’re expected to work hard, fast, and accurately. This is one company that will push you to your limits, and beyond. Nevertheless, I keep coming back on my scheduled shifts. For the most part.. So does everyone else. Why? We get great pay, benefits, and opportunities that other companies simply don’t have. For example.. If I have a bad day.. I have time allowed to just leave (as frustrated as I might be) to go cool off, and come back the next day a happy camper. We also get stocks, and great health insurance, lawyers, and even pet insurance. Plus many other small perks that make it all worth while. Things that I cant yet achieve as a small business owner..


I am finding myself doing less and less shopping at the typical retail stores.. Why would I? Everything I order at Amazon comes to me.. With that being said.. Let’s just say.. Alexa knows me, and I pretty much own every version of the infamous “Alexa” enabled device known to man. I also sign up to be the first to get the new ones.. I used to be a fan of Siri, until Alexa came along. It’s a pretty amazing feeling to have a computer voice know who I am as a musician, and just automatically start playing the music I work so hard to create. The way it blends in with my daily life has really made my quality of life better, more high tech, and convenient.

So if you’re wondering why I set my self aside for a while…. it’s because I have been transforming into an Alexa enabled Amazonian. Don’t worry though. I haven’t forgot who I am, or stopped what I am doing.. I am just evolving. I am glad to be back, and writing again. Who knows.. I may or may not be working on some new music…. .. Stay tuned.