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mASSive Activism

Well my TWEETER has been very active. I have had my fair share of fun, but now it’s time to get serious.

First, and foremost… My thoughts and prayers go out to ANYONE who’s terrorized domestically. Yes, I am talking about the recent MASS SHOOTINGS in OHIO, and TEXAS. Places, that I have many fans. The world is full of haters, and nobody knows this like Mr. King Craig James. We shouldn’t live in a world where people live in FEAR. Unfortunately, nobody I know lives in fear. My friends are all sober, have firearms, and don’t let criminals embed fear into us. While these acts are horrible, we must remember.. America, can handle anything. In fact, only in America.. Does it take a few idiots to open pandoras box just enough to enact PATRIOT ACT 2.0. This will start out as a GREAT idea to spy (further) on innocent Americans… Then used later to LESSEN our FREEDOMS… That’s what irritates me about the few stupid people who impact MILLIONS of good ones.


Instead of pointing fingers, and blaming things like TRUMP, or MENTAL ILLNESS, or even VIDEO GAMES.. I think we have to look at how society has changed. For example; What is with ANTIFA? What’s with RACISM? What the f*ck happened to Democrats? Did we wake up in a time warp? Is this the Mandela Effect? Have you read some of the tweets these people are sending out? I understand that this is an emotional time for America… However, we must remember. We are FREE to SPEAK, and FREE to BEAR ARMS, and shit happens. So.. Let’s stick with the facts. Although Neil Degrasse Tyson has apologized for his tweet in regards to comparing the deaths to an avg 48 hours. I would have to agree.. 500 have died from medical error, 300 to the flu, 250 to suicide, 200 to car accident, 40 to homicide.. During an average 48 hour span. Also, I live near Chicago.. This is an every weekend thing. I am NOT saying it’s ok, but let’s face the facts. Shit happens.


Let’s talk about the vague definition of Schizophrenia before we jump into mental illness. It’s defined as a “A long-term mental disorder of a type involving a breakdown in the relation between thought, emotion, and behaviour, leading to faulty perception, inappropriate actions and feelings, withdrawal from reality and personal relationships into fantasy and delusion, and a sense of mental fragmentation” Now I want you to think about every single person you know. Name one who’s NEVER matched any aspect of that definition. You can’t. Read the words, and understand them. I do NOT believe these “active shooters” are “mentally ill” They are absolutely insane. They are also satanic, selfish, and everything GODLESS.. Which brings me to my next point.


We live in a society where children are growing up GODLESS, and ONLINE.. While parents work 2 jobs. That is.. in the rarity that parents are plural. Most of them, are single moms. These children spend their time being rewarded for blasting their buddies on realistic warfare games like Call of DUTY. They can seduce women, steal cars, and shoot up nightclubs in GTA5.. This.. Has become their reality. That is.. If they aren’t on instagram scoping out naked photos of women looking for cash, reading HATE tweets, or watching conspiracy YOUTUBE videos. Unfortunately, that is what has CHANGED in the reality of CHILDREN.. That’s why they feel like it’s ok to strap up, and blast anyone they choose. So please.. Look at the facts. Stop blaming stupid shit. Unless we’re focusing on #internet, #gaming, #parenting, #hatred, #reality.


The lack of morals are diminishing. This is coming from a guy who recorded “IAMSINS” and it even has a FIREARM right on the album cover. Take it for me.. I don’t CONDONE people shooting innocent people. I don’t condone ACTS OF TERROR. I don’t CONDONE stupidity. I believe in the constitution. The same constitution that has been around since the beginning. My words, music, and stories… They are therapeutic.. My thoughts are.. If these children had the same opportunities I had to express themselves in a healthy way.. They probably wouldn’t be acting like ISIS.. So what’s my point? This shit’s getting ridiculous. Gun Control, Trump Haters, Mass Shootings, Death Penalty, Mental Illness, all of it. Wake the fuck up, and take responsibility for this MATRIX, and web of shit. Our future depends on it. I have so much more to say but I am going to cut it off there. Ill save the rest for a future CROWN CAST PODCAST… KCJ signing out.