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Back 2 Back

What’s happening King Craig James universe.


Jacqueline and I just did back to back episodes of the crown cast. We kind of had to.. I mean with all the stupidity floating around in the NEWS and MEDIA in the past 4 days.. We had to put our take on it out there. Why is humanity declining? That’s my only question.. Think about it… Read the stories NOW, and compare them to STORIES 20 years ago, 100 years ago, and 1000 years ago.. We are not progressing at all.

That includes the Democratic Progressives.. They are actually like going full speed in REVERSE. I have never been this into politics.. EVER… However, I just can’t believe some of the shit they’re exposing us to.. Whether it’s in the NEWS, MEDIA, or TWITTER.. You will find that episode 14 of the crown cast started with good intentions, but unfolded into a barrage of stupidity.. So we made up for it in episode 15.. We will continue to do so until the Season Finale Episode 20.

So that’s the latest episode. Check out the new CROWN CAST EPISODES if you haven’t already.