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Praising a fool

“Leadership is not about always being the best. Leadership is about making everyone else better.”


Hello Everyone. Welcome to the King Craig James all hands meeting. Please. Have a seat. I am here to announce that another album is coming out soon. It will have an ASIN label on the amazon store, like all the others. Well, that’s enough about me.

We’re here to share the local story of, Mr. Mark Navatruckis for his contribution to a wonderful project that’s destroyed our morale, rate, lower backs, ability to walk, and desire to stay a full day. In fact, I think it’s going to get us to either quit, get canned, or transfer to a new department.

Next, we will discuss the corporate change leading to pay *caugh* cuts caugh* I mean.. Your RAISES. Loss of stocks? Yeah. That too. But hey, at least we beat every other team in the network. Well.. Let’s begin.


Amazon is well documented for taking in people for “leadership roles”, or “process assistants”. Even when they aren’t necessarily fit to be leaders at all. At times they praise them for their great work and/or “accomplishments” at our “all hands meetings”. Perhaps, even make them a “success story”. A story that usually very few agree with.

“But CraigThose are big words” Yeah. They are. Who am I to say (some of them) aren’t “fit to be leaders”. Well, don’t take my word for it. If you need some references just go HERE. You can also read about it HERE. Eventually, you will see that plenty of random people describe how “horrible management is”. Not just in the network I work in, but nearly all of them. You’ll be delighted to discover that those “big words” aren’t my words at all. They are just a common opinion I may or may not agree with based on my experience. I am just here to explain why people probably feel that way.


I don’t agree, but I don’t disagree either. In fact, I like the idea of putting the underdogs in charge. I really do. Or at least, I want to like the idea of it. After all, competition is good. However, I want to talk about why I have never been so excited to leave my “team” and “department” to hopefully join a better one. I just hope the grass is actually greener on that side. Do me a favor, and go back up top and read that quote again.

I have been very fortunate to be on some of the best teams in the network. I started in Amazon’s infamous, and highly secretive AFE. Then moved on to PICK for a change in scenery. AFE (at the time) was very good about helping everyone get better, and I truly feel like my team was one of the best. I wish I could say the same for pick. However, I can’t.

When I went over to PICK. I discovered exactly what it’s like working on a “team” that was a little too focused on being the best. Unfortunately, that came at the expense of ruining other peoples rates, shifts, days, and morale. A lot of small losses can really lead to a big loss. I am fortunate enough to work with a lot of intelligent, and talented people on a regular bases. However, I have witnessed too many of them walk away, or get set up to be terminated… Just so this wreck-less path of “winning” can continue. I guess I don’t have the “cheat to win” or the “belittle others” kind of attitude to stick around. The sad part is that every time anyone attempted to call it out, they were shut down, and deterred. Immediately.

Needless to say.. I am really looking forward to working for another leader, and department. I enjoy learning new things, meeting new people, and I will embrace the new challenges that are ahead of me. In those reviews you will find a lot of people saying, “there’s no room for advancement” but I think you must take the time it takes to “make room for advancement”. But hey,. If that path leads nowhere. I can always come back here.. Right?