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I remember a time in my (Mandela affected) reality when NOBODY died at the Pentagon on 9/11. Where only two towers fell, not 7. Yeah, when people say this shit on YOUTUBE.. It’s true. Don’t troll them.

I look at the statistics now, and I am clearly in the wrong for saying such a thing. Or was it “Fake News'“ Who knows.. Either way, today we honor those who have passed in the most recent terrorist attack in our current history.. Well, that is… Other then “Black Tom Island” from the Germans.. Wait.. What? Nevermind.. It’s another Mandela affect.. You wouldn’t understand. In my reality, that never happened. Now, it’s a fact. So anyways.. I have some things to talk about besides the attacks on America..

While my timeline, and history may keep changing.. So are the platforms online.. I was let out of the “sandbox” for a moment today and TWITTER enabled me to reach a few new people.. Thanks for that TWITTER.. I have come to the conclusion that people ARE out there.. Twitter is NOT a ghost town.. The trick is.. You just have to be patient, and say the right things, at the right times.. Eventually, you’ll make some friends.. Isn’t that right? I am on twitter not just to voice my random opinions, but to see other peoples.. Even if I don’t agree with them. I truly enjoy connecting with them.. So keep that in mind if you stumble across me in the Twitter Sandbox.

Youtube.. Yeah, I know.. Where did the ability to send messages go? I know where, and I know why they’re doing it. People are speaking too much truth.. We are making big changes to the world. But how? Well, I will get to that on another blog.. I just want to let everyone know that I will be live streaming soon.. I will be doing some periscoping, and YouTubing.. Not just to grow my brand, but to connect with other #KINGS and #QUEENS online.. As well as the #mandela affected community…

I want to dedicate this 9.11 blog to the brave patriots out there who fight for our freedom every single day.. The NRA, TRUMP, and many other organizations trying to keep this “reality” of ours in check. I want to dedicate it to the TRUTHORS out there like JKris “IAM”, “ASHLEY”, JACOB ISRAEL, and many more. These are the things that make our world a better place.. Truth, Freedom, and No FEAR.. Life is far more interesting then you could imagine.. Stay real. Even if this blog sounds a little looney to some of you.. I don’t care.. Just know that you are NOT alone. Especially on 9/11.